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  1. We do try our best to include everyone at the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life, although with the limited resources we have it's not possible to provide, eg, professional transcription services, although you would be welcome to bring your own transcriber. We do use both text and voice, but certainly could do much better. I have a hearing loss myself but I would be certainly interested in working with a profoundly deaf/Deaf user to find ways to improve what we offer. Anglicans are known in some parts of the world as Episcopalians. We form a sort of halfway house between Catholic and Reformed denominations, but our worship is based around the cycle of daily prayer that Christians have been praying for many many hundreds of years. It's very difficult to nail down what Anglicans believe, because, frankly, there's a huge range, from the very liberal to the extremely conservative. We have prayer once a day - twice a day on Sundays, and run a discussion group and a bible study. At any time you can come and light a candle, submit a prayer request (they get instantly forwarded to our prayer team), or sit and think. Or just play with the cats. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epiphany/109/130/2003
  2. This isn't exactly a landscape, but I hope you'll allow a mermaid some leeway. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cerridwens Cauldron/231/213/21
  3. As I understand it, animations are run by the viewer, so I don't really see the contradiction. You've set up a race condition where you can't control which animation is started first. It's completely agnostic to whatever happened before it turned up, or wasn't looking. I haven't checked, but you can probably just reproduce this with the resync animations option. This is a good use case (imho, the ONLY use case) for priority 5.
  4. Script the object so that the user can touch it to enable inventory drop. You can check identity then. Disable it automatically after, say, 60s, unless a texture is received sooner. Presumably you'll want to delete the texture after applying it, to avoid them building up. If someone other than the user drags a picture onto it during those 60s, that's their problem. And also unlikely.
  5. Why have cows when you can have sheep? Dragonfly Lake http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragonfly Lake/215/224/29
  6. That looks useful, but I think it's worth cautioning people about the camera issues with low ceilings. The effect with a default camera can be... claustrophobic. I'm pretty good with enclosed spaces in RL but virtual ones make me feel very odd.
  7. It's absolutely overkill, but this is all we have at the moment. I think there were some noises made about custom skeletons, but at the rate things are progressing, I wouldn't hold your breath for animesh 2.0
  8. I too have learnt a great deal from the people in this forum, even if that's due to my unhealthy obsession.
  9. I think I know what you mean, but your verb has either become disconnected from the subject, or should be plural. same problem Extra word. one typo, and end of sentence doesn't make any sense. Too many gpus. Sentence fragment?
  10. Cycles or Blender Internal? Are you 100% sure they're all flat? (I know you've probably checked this, you know far more about mesh than I do).
  11. I have a better suggestion than both of those Wulfie and Chin have provided. Rez a prim, rotate it to the orientation you want. Keep it selected. Go to Build > Options > Use Selection for Grid. Now you can switch the ruler mode Chin indicated to Reference, and your grid will be rotated to the orientation of your Reference object.
  12. NOT setting an object to temp when it should be. I filled up an entire sim with butterflies once. I only noticed when rezzing became impossible.
  13. I'm up to 19. I gave myself two points for deleting the roof from a communal building and not being able to find a back up. I ended up rebuilding the building as I just couldn't get a new roof to fit.
  14. Forget about autoreturn, and find your build has been returned in completely nonsensical coalescenced bundles. Forget where you left your build, and spend hours looking for it. Set your build to physical by mistake, and watch it explode all over the sim. And the big one - forget to name your build. You know it's in your inventory somewhere, but so are 10,000 other entries for "Object".
  15. She (er, I hope? i never asked...) 's talking about the LOD Factor viewer setting, not the individual LOD levels.
  16. I think your computer needs more coffee! And, it's no trouble - I used to have a small part time editing gig, so typos tend to jump out at me (er, when they're not my own, that is).
  17. To counter, I have some very nice leaded windows where the normal map and spec maps are a tiling 64x64, (because each light does not differ that much) and the diffuse is a 512x512 to add more visual variation.
  18. I have to work with some absolute beginners, so would find these very useful. Would you mind awfully if I pointed out the spelling mistakes? I normally sit on my hands, I promise!
  19. I'm not sure it's that rare - I clocked onto this when people started complaining that the sconces on the wall had stopped working.
  20. Do you notice the difference here? The one on the left has 32 triangles per face, the one on the right has two. Lights are identical, and at identical distances. With ALM on they look identical. Unfortunately the sea distorts into the sky in ALM (WTF?) so I decided to spare you all that picture as it made me feel rather nauseous.
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