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  1. Lots of ppl like shoulder pets,
  2. Hi, I realize this is an older thread, but I wanna post! so here it is, my venting....LOL The most arrg thing to me is the clicky heels...Turn that crap off! or remove the script or something! the other thing is profiles that say stuff like "Im a rude jerk, don't talk to me", "what then mr. rude jerk are you doing in a glorified chat room like HIP?" Neighbors with huge walls surrounding my parcels... really, make my side transparent please, I don't like cages, I still want to see the ocean view I purchased. And the terain editing of neighbors, really you need a trench between us? I saw some of my other annoyances posted above too, like random friend requests, random teleports, and rezzers used to grief. the other most annoying thing is when ppl correct spelling...really who gives a flying crap about spelling in a chat room? But, I'm not one to get all upset about these things they are just annoying.
  3. Hi ethan! nice to see there are other silly ppl out there that wanna have fun. Seems like most of the ppl I meet are so serious and take everything personally. Maybe I'll see in inworld sometime. Peace! mally Shippe
  4. Hi, I have been on SL for quite a while as well, I am not too good at making friends either, I have a few ppl I speak too, and am married to my rl husband (he is NEVER on tho) I have been wishing for someone to hang out with and go dancing w/o all the kinky stuff. Seems like anyone willing to hang out wants to do more than I am willing in return for thier time. Maybe we can go out for coffee sometime?
  5. Merry Meet! I take extended vacations from SL too! And everytime I return all my friends have disappeared...Look me up inworld if you like. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  6. Hey, good question, I am also looking for members to join a group... I am thinking of renting one of those "place your ad here" signs with the group info and stuff inside, some of them give out notecards and land marks... Maybe, someone could post their results from those type of ads?:smileyhappy: Brightest Blessings!
  7. TY! I love your tips! they are truly helpful! BB!
  8. I like my avi to be the same height as me in RL, which is 5'7", but she seems really short, so I put her to 6' , which is still short comparatively....
  9. That will only happen if the parents allow it. Children sit all day, because they are allowed to, not because of games, Internet or TV.
  10. Thanks for the update! I have always been PG in all I do online, I am glad you came up with a good plan to keep kids safe, . I hope to see SL become more of an interpersonal learning environment, at least in part, in the future! I was wishing the other day my child could make use of the classroom environment second life offers for her home schooling. The school uses an excellent online classroom host, but the use of avatars and environment makes a world of difference. Blessed Be!
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