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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: Here BTW is the best SL business advice all in one place I have found: http://mistletoeethaniel.wordpress.com/how-to-do-stuff/sl-business/ This article in particular: http://mistletoeethaniel.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/ten-ways-to-jump-start-stagnant-sales/ *blush* You are too kind. Thank you. I myself recommend the best blog full of business advice that I have ever found: http://xdfusion.wordpress.com/
  2. Hiya hanahmily. First thing, you need to not panic. It's very hard to understand exactly what the problem is, because it's overshadowed by fear and speculation. Second thing, you may or may not have figured out, this really isn't the best place to be asking for support for this sort of problem. Up in the upper right-hand corner of this forum page is a tab that says "Help", which will likely be a step in the right direction. Once you click that tab, the page that opens up has a link on the right hand side that says "Contact Support". That's going to be your best bet. Once you do contact the Support team, you have to make it absolutely clear what the problem you're having is. Take a screen capture of the error message you get. Tell them what time you attempted to log on, what if anything you did differently from the last time you successfully logged on... all of the details. Finally, don't ever ever EVER give your password or email to anyone you meet in SL, no matter how much money they give you. I would suggest changing your password right away, in fact, if you have any reason to suspect someone logged into your account without your permission. Good luck, and keep a cool head.
  3. -Profile Picks no longer matter. I disagree. They no longer have an effect on Search ranking, true; but they most certainly matter. If your friend/customer/alt is out somewhere and someone goes peeping at their profile, there's the Picks. So I agree, it may not matter in the same way that it used to, but it does still matter. - I wouldn't bother with groups for shops anymore. Nobody has room for groups. Subscriber kiosks are way better. I jumped from a measly 150 group members that took over a year to accumulate for my shop, to over 600 in just a few months by using a kiosk instead. Everyone touches it and joins. No worries about removing a group. If that's what you find works for you, then by all means run with it. I for one hate subscriber kiosks with a passion that burns with the heat of a thousand suns. And what few I remain subscribed (willingly) to, nine times out of ten I get a notecard and discard it without even opening it. - Classified ads - In my opinion...compelte waste of money. Does anyone even read those anymore? According to my shop's sales and traffic numbers: yes. But I will agree that it's not a very significant difference, except during holidays. -- Grid wide hunts - I think this is very bad information. I've gotten a lot of sales from Grid Wide hunts. I am ending the Twisted Hunt here in a few days and trust me...I watch people come in with that "hunter" tag on and I see people all the time lookng around my store and buying quite often. One of my highest spenders for the month, spent 7500L in my store on 2 separate visits. She had never been in before the hunt. I think these are crazy successful, at least they have been for me. That's great! Much as I like being right all the time, I don't mind being proven wrong on occasions like these. If I may ask, did you do anything different during Twisted (eg, having specials on display by the entrance point, etc) than you would have any other time? Because I think, much like freebies in general, if tools like hunts are used wisely they can (obviously) be of great help. So I guess what I'm saying is, I (and likely many others) could use information on how to use hunts wisely.
  4. Wow, I feel like I'm one of the popular kids somehow. Hi, my name is Mistletoe, my alt's name is Clover, and I'm the author of the article to which several of you have referred. It's taken me a while to respond for a couple of reasons. First, I don't visit the forums near as often as I should; second, I had to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes before speaking up. A disclaimer? Really? And what shall this disclaimer say? NOTICE: The article you're reading was written in 2009 and contains a parody graph by Prad Prathivi, which may be offensive to people who don't actually read the article and/or have an unfortunately thin skin and/or take themselves WAY too seriously. Incidentally, Prad's one and only comment in my blog was about people knee-jerk reacting without reading what he has to say (around about the time of his (in)famous "Entitlement" post): "<3 It never ceases to amaze me that some people will read what they want to read, instead of what’s actually written. Thank you, for.. umm.. being able to read.. " Luna, you have made up your mind that a parody graph--which has been stated on numerous occasions to be parody--offends your sensibilities so deeply that anything accompanying it should be dismissed out of hand. And, hey, it's great you have passion about it and I'm sure that turned to something worthwhile like world hunger or something, it would be a powerful force. But myself I am of the belief that nobody ever has the right to never be offended. If you really find something so trivial as a parody graph from 2009 to be that damaging, I can't help wondering if the world of SL business outside your fragile little bubble is one suited to you.
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