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  1. @Love Zhaoying thanks, I know I sampled a bunch of their skins and chucked 'em before I understood... anything. I'm pulling those puppies out of the trash lol - there were a couple that might be tweakable. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Clover. Is that Body & Soul? When I search for Soul in-world it comes up with lots of stuff, just nothing skins-related.
  3. Hi all, I've returned to SL after several years and have hit the mesh wall, so I'm researching that right now. My skin tone was hard to find in world back then, and it seems even harder to find now in searching for a new skin. I would like to find this skin tone, or something close to it, if possible. I've attached a photo with color values because monitors and applications can vary so greatly, but essentially it's an olive-brown/dusty-brown/darker-than-paper-bag-brown complexion. I'm not looking for an exact match, just close. I welcome and appreciate any and all suggestio
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