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  1. I have read it, which is why i asked my question in the first place. Buying bait allows the fisher to gain experience and level up. Certain fish are only available with pro rods, leveling up and using bait. Every cast with bait does NOT result in a fish or experience points, just like real fishing. So it is a gamble if you use bait as to what the expected outcome is - maybe points, maybe fish or maybe nothing. Where as a gacha, every pull gains an object, even if not the object you are hoping for. I'm seriously not anti-7Seas, but I'm failing to see the distinction from gambling in its current form or why changing the fish permissions makes it ok in LL's book. Now, if LL had said not more special perks if you pay the game (the special fish or the experience points), that, to me anyway, would make it not a gamble since you arent pumping money into it. By this example, if you played the gacha free for the commons (baitless, free fishing) but had to pay to get a chance at certain rares (equivalency of leveling up and using bait) and they changed the perms to no trans, gachas should be considered not gambling as well.
  2. I'm honestly surprised 7seas is ok if gachas are not. Gacha - you pay for a random prize. 7Seas - you pay for "bait" to get a random prize. Gacha - You can see the various prizes you might win, but no guarantee of which kind. 7Seas - You can find lists of various fish you might win, but no guarantee of which kind OR guarantee to even get a fish, since its possible to cast and use bait without getting a bite, resulting in lost bait. Gacha - Items are transferable. 7Seas - Items are transferable (as of now, at least). Gacha - Sometimes you need to get multiple items to make the main prize. 7Seass - Sometimes you need multiple items to make the main prize (blueprints and parts to build special items).
  3. That's a separate issue. If LL changes policy and you cant continue selling items as gachas, you have the option of retiring the items or reconfiguring them to sell as individual or fatpack purchases. Items already sold are not yours anymore. They belong to the purchaser. If they are no copy, then the new owner has the right to do what they want with their items - in this case, sell them. Thats like saying no one should be allowed to sell old furniture, a used car, or have a yard sale in RL because the original place they bought the items from might not make as big profit off the 2nd hand sale.
  4. I'm not sure I agree that resellers take profit away from the creator. Even if you have limitless linden to spend and stockpile 200 of whatever item you think you can sell for a nice profit, the creator is still being paid for those 200 items. They set the original gacha price, what difference is it if 1 person pays the asked for price 200 times or 200 people each pay it once? I could understand protecting the pricing a bit more if there was a cap as to how much over pull price items can be resold, but again - regardless of how the resale goes, the original price asked for by the creator is being paid for each item. They are getting exactly what they wanted.
  5. I'll give you a personal reason for why i mostly shy away from items i can't mod. I do a lot of photography in SL. Items look different under different lighting. If the creator leaves something full bright or has the shininess cranked way up, I prefer being able to adjust that to suit what i am taking a shot of. Same with color - I dont need to be able to recolor an item, but sometimes being able to darken it a bit to look better in a picture makes the difference. with jewelry, sometimes I can get a better fit by modding it myself rather than using the built in resizers.
  6. Yes, they are transferable, and if I remember correctly, there are rare, ultrarare, etc breeds of fish as well as individual items you can collect and then use to create a whole new item, like parts to build a boat, i think?
  7. I have been avoiding this whole have/have not controversy as best I can, while refreshing my heart out whenever I have the time to sit and devote to it. A couple things stick out to me which I haven't seen addressed in any of the threads I read: 1. Those saying you are promised a Linden house, but not a Belli house, therefore stop complaining are aggravating me. Yes, you are promised a house and there are old style houses available. But trying to imply that an old style house in desolate or crappy looking regions that have what, half the prim count to personalize it? is the same as a new house, increased prims, pretty region and revitalized community is crap. There is definitely a higher user value on the new houses. Why would anyone, especially someone who specifically paid for a membership in order to obtain one, be happy settling for remaining homeless in order to have a chance at a new house or having to accept a lesser deal by accepting the older houses in hopes of there "someday" being enough new houses (and attendant perks) from the Lindens? It feels almost like a bait and switch to me - LL gets the same money for the memberships while providing distinctly different deals to the members. 2. Information on the housing situation (among other things) is not being rolled out in a good way to SL users. How many people actually read the forums? How many people actually belong to the groups where information is being released (or for that matter, know which groups ARE the groups where information is being rolled out)? I peruse the forums at least once or twice a month on average which probably puts me ahead of a lot of SL folk, but I don't own land so I have never before had a reason to read the Land forum posts. Who knew there was more here than just landowner information? First I heard about the new homes was in May. I gave up my old LL home then and have been trying to land one of the new houses ever since. (To date, I have seen *one* come up on my page in all that time, and by the time I got to the 2nd page, it was gone.) Its easy to say the information is out there, but how many casual users who log in a couple hours a week or so even know where to look? How hard would it be for LL to send notices to ALL users when its something major that will impact a lot of users. I think I read somewhere in this thread there are around 60K premium members. A mass email to premium members about perk changes or things like the Tilia changes would be easy for LL to do and a way to ensure people receive the information. Want to reach everyone, not just the premium folks? Put the information in a screen you need to click to log in, same as they do with TOS changes. Sure, some folks will just click through, but the information will reach many more folks that way. 3. Finally, this time out system sucks. I get why it's necessary and no one wants to be causing the servers to crash out, but it is making it next to impossible to even try for the few homes being released each week. I have yet to have a full 10 attempts without being told I hit my limit after the 4th or 5th try, or when refreshing after the 10 min limit, up pops time out screen again. There have been times I get pulled away from the keyboard and a half hour or more lapses -only to come back, hit refresh and immediately get the same time out screen. Unfortunately, I can't think of a viable alternative, so for now - just have to suck it up and keep trying. Whew. /end vent.
  8. No worries, I am guessing at this point its just some screwy SL thing...I was able to build tonight without the same issue, so who knows. That article was a good help, tho - getting in the habit of doing things that way would definitely cut down on permission issues with stuff getting set wrong. =)
  9. Hi Rolig - thanks for the link, I gave it a read. Its a good habit to get into to ensure the permissions are set right. What has me confused, though, is that the permissions changing is happening to things which already have the correct permissions. Like most builders, I reuse sculpts from project to project. Part of what I am seeing is that prims which have been used in the past with other builds (shirt collars, for example) are showing the same behavior when I use them lately. I will copy a collar from an outfit that has been finished and for sale for ages with no permissions problems, retexture it or make whatever changes I need to sizing, etc., then take it back into inventory. The new copy has the identical, correct permissions to the working original, but when given to someone else, they change when that person puts the item on. I thought it maybe was the resizer scripts in some items, but it is happening across the board, including single prim, unscripted sculpts such as pant cuffs, collars, etc. Making a copy of something and changing textures or size should not cause a change in permissions.
  10. Interesting development over the past few days. Everything I have created (several builds and several outfits including texture layers and prim layers) has had its permissions borked. I have been setting permissions as I always have - they look right in inventory, they look right when I wear/rez the items, but as soon as I send them to someone else, the permissions change. In the other person's inventory, they match what they were when I sent them. When the other person rezzes or puts on the items, they change. (I am sending the items copy/mod enabled, trans disabled. When worn or rezzed, the items change to no copy/no mod, trans enabled.) I have been able to duplicate this across various viewers. The only solution I have found is to go back into my inventory, change perms in inventory on the items to full perm, rez/wear them myself, then take them back into inventory and change to the perms I want. Changing the perms while rezzed or worn does not "stick" when the item is taken off or taken back into inventory. This is happening even with items I have used before, been able to send out with the correct permissions and am simply retexturing (such as clothing collars, cuffs, etc). Anyone have any idea what is causing this or what a fix for it is?
  11. A month later, and I am seeing that message FREQUENTLY when trying to pack boxes for my shop. I have found that porting to a different sim sometimes helps - for instance, moving from my work space to my store to pack or vice versa. Aggrevating, time consuming and random - different times of the day, no correlation to server issues that I have noticed, different locations on the grid, no difference if moving a single item versus a bunch of items, etc.
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