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  1. Can any of the Dev's already setting up in Sansar give any info' about how it is going? Upload costs and land prices? Any bugs?
  2. Many questions about Alpha layers getting 'stuck on' your avatar, no resolution unless you relog. This workaround seems to work for me: Win10 / LL Viewer Simply remove the whole outfit / r click in appearance and 'take off - remove from current outfit'. You are left with the basic minimum requirements, Shape, Eyes, Skin etc... R click the outfit in appearance again and 'Wear - Add to current outfit' - Use this method if you want to just remove your clothing individually, this seems to work ok...tired of relogging to "fix" it... Hope this helps, there does not seem to be any answer
  3. Hi Guys & Gals as the subject says "MESH: Why does a mesh model increase its Li when i reduce it's size in world?" And how is it when i make a similar model, same size, LESS faces, it uploads as 3Li? I am a bit confused!!! :matte-motes-dont-cry: Thanks in advance for your wise words. ROMSEY Homewood
  4. Hi Dardi You could use the avatar.blend file but i found when making my new Marvin the paranoid android the SL avatar gives you greater flexibilty when making the shape that your prims will sit on. Atm the joints of the avatar.blend file cannot be moved or positioned for a better roboty shape. Marvin from the film HHGTTG is a kinda stumpy looking so i cannot use the avatar.blend as i would like....soon maybe! come on LL! pull your fingers out!!!
  5. Hi Dardissounet In reply to Q.3 you can make intricate sculpted prims quite easily. Just remember that your UV map size should equal 1024, (Domino Marama's scripts) anything above this the LL viewer ignores so your lovely curvy shape will not be displayed but more of a blockier version...So as you may know you can create a cylinder in Blender (8 x 8 plus subdivision level 2+use subsurf+clean LODs) and it will rez pretty much as you see it, But you can also create very intricate scuplted prims by 8 x 128 (Subdiv 0 no subsurf) and even 4 x 256 (Subdiv 0 no subsurf) which then you can break into
  6. Ty! you answered all my queries and MESH still has a long way to go but it's fun getting there, isnt it?.....wouldn't be fun if it was easy! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Dang! i so want to fiddle with the skeleton. Amplify your awesome
  7. A quick Q. for you today, is it possible to upload just the rigging of an avatar? I don't want any mesh parts as it for a robot with solid prims, I just want to up load the "shape" of it. If so what is the format, simply .dae? Thank you in advance. :smileytongue:
  8. Hi Markus Np, I have made my own foot alphas for my shoes so the same principle can (?) be applied to arms... Post a sketch or pic and I will make one for you. :catvery-happy: edit: OOPS! cannot do 1 arm! as the aplha textures are based on the clothing textures used by the viewer i.e. if i hide it on the texture it will hide both arms ...sorry :catsad: The only other way i can think of is to meshify your avatar, edit it without one arm and re-upload!!!....tricky.
  9. :catsad: File will not upload to PasteAll.org...after 15 minutes. There does not seem to be many totally free, without sign-up, file sharing websites...i guess i will have to try and fix it myself. Thank you for your precious time.
  10. posted the .blend file "SPONGEBOB_PATRICK" at PasteAll.org
  11. Sorry, please try now i have made it public :catembarrassed:
  12. .blend file plus the .dae export file:- https://drive.google.com/?tab=mo&authuser=0#folders/0B3EMKxx5ARWEQzY0VlRXSFp6QVU Forgot to add that the mesh has been parented to the skeleton and "made real". Scroll out for the pre subsurf and pre joined mesh model in the top left.
  13. :womanfrustrated: So many things to remember....then instantly forget! I'll post the Blender file as soon as possible so u can have a go at the export.
  14. I will publish as soon as i get home tonight in about 7 hours and thank you all for your help :smileylol:
  15. :smileylol: Yes its all getting a bit techy...i have scaled my mesh with the skeleton...but. i have adjusted the joint positions on the skeleton slightly to fit my mesh (centre is still 0,0,0,) is it possible to move these joints without causing these glitches? examples below: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3EMKxx5ARWEZWFtcThiMDRQaHc/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3EMKxx5ARWEVm1rOGh5SGZRM00/edit
  16. Hello Gaia! Thx for the info, i have tried object > apply scale etc to no avail. I have tried all the options possible but still get the "stretching" of the mesh as if it was trying to fit a normal avatar... oh and thx for your gr8 vids on machinamatrix ))
  17. Ty for the quick reply... I have checked both skin & joint boxes...it is when i check skin weights that the actual model in the preview pane changes, so I am thinking I am missing a step in Blender...Not a lot of tutorials to get guide lines from.
  18. Hello peeps! The problem seems to be when I go to upload window and check "include Skin Weights" the model then gets resized (in the preview window) to a basic avatar shape making the mesh stretched to a basic avatar height, therefore destroying the joint positions..Am I missing something in Blender before "Making Real"? The Mesh works OK when worn but the joints are not in the right place i.e.. Using my normal avatar joints. It is like the limbs have been moved out of position.... Hope you can help! :catvery-happy:
  19. How long does it take for a featured item to appear after payment? :catfrustrated: As it has not appeared after 5 hours of posting. Cheers big ears!
  20. Neat effect! Will have a go myself.. just a side note, dont you wish we had more control of the shininess, instead of just low, med and high? but hey-ho we just make the best of it all. :matte-motes-smug:
  21. Hi duLuna here is a good link to tell you why this happens to your models in SL, Blender UI is complex but if u have the time it is still worth a look. http://robynhuffaker.com/sculptblender/2010/03/18/precision-sculpting/ There are some other gr8 tut's on that site too. Good luck!
  22. AWESOME!!!!!!!! :womanvery-happy: NO STOPPING YOU NOW! :matte-motes-grin:
  23. Hi Luxz I dont think you will have much success trying to convert .obj etc into sculpties as the 3D model has to be "unwrapped" into a 2D UV Map...the easiest way i have found is to install Domino marama's scripts into blender (2.49*)and this sets up the basic shapes pre-made for uv mapping. These are good places to start:- http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/video-tutorials/sculpties-basic-tutorials/modelling-sculpties/ http://robynhuffaker.com/sculptblender/ have fun!!!
  24. Ty so much! very helpful :womanvery-happy: It is obvious when u think about it , i guess i will just have to bite the bullet and use an exta prim for the screen! :lol: As for the door, Carbon, u can "save centre" in Blender so the axis is at the edge BUT it does create a larger prim (half of which is not visible) sliced/bounding box? and can get in the way sometimes if the door is non-phantom. Thanks for all your help! You have amplified my awesome and receive kudos!
  25. Hi Barbarella Carbon is right....create a folder on your desktop "SL UV Maps" or something...then create your sub folders in there for all your different projects...as for the UV map...If you can see the rainbow colored map on the split screen, save the image from that split screen..."Image > Save As" here you can save it as .targa to the new folder you make on your desk top...hope this helps.
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