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  1. Land Owners and Parcel Return Idea first addressing below be address Red Fence Idea First like to say hope this is being posted into the proper area on forum. New to posting and starting new forums on here-even tho an ole avatar, ole land owner. I am a and have been a private sim land owner for over four years. Parcel return issues on how to keep record what been sent back be a merchandise left behind or trash. (auto return does not always work ) So new feature could benefit the records we need showing its been completed. Think sl would help land -parcel owners a lot if we could have in transactions listed when we return an item from parcel return to an avatar, Says name item returned on that time and date. Like all our other transactions are done. So this avatar is aware we have indeed returned there left behind item or product. That was returned to them at this point in time. Will show up in land owners and the returned avatars trans history. Stating parcel return from what sim. Like another transactions. Think would be an added feature that would be greatly helpful. Cause ATM all you get is a blue quick note in corner that disappears with no further proof. Thank you hope this gets many views and passes to become something to further land owners parcel owners life a more rewarding one RED Fence Idea This needs to be addressed as well Need this to go further then 70MM Should be able to set the distant the red fence can go upwards on the sim pass 70Mm high added a feature or way to set them and what distances high as well Think hope Explain my ideas properly for everyone We make a difference together by viewing passing it along for the sake of all parties interest Thank you Kindly for reading and considering my ideas to help better our Second life mama Kidd (The Mist, Kidd Island)
  2. So Many wonderful places to visit depends on your likes or dislikes Have few my own like My own island Kidd Island, The Mist. (from Ballroom, Shops, Treasure hunts, medieval rp,etc) As well as Sylvan Elves varies sims (fantasy-rp) Avalon(medieval, fantasty -rp) These are fantasy, dancing,shops, medieval sims As well many for learning, freebies, other rp's Hope this helps all can be found on profiles or search Have fun exploring Second Life All these sims have nice free starter gifts as well
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