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  1. BACK BACK BACK!!!! I am happy now- thanks everyone!!
  2. I did check my gestures folder, but after getting all these replies from all you great ppl, I rechecked- and there it was- right down the bottom- with no / prefix- no wonder I was gesturing!! It seems it came in a freebie box and becaue active automatically somehow- not something i would activate! Thanks for the reply!
  3. You were totally right Unklebob- and it wasn't at all funny when i was trying to buy something and kept doing that gesture!! lol- not my style at all! But thankfully all fixed now and i can say BACK to my hearts content without fear of offending someone! really appreciate your help!
  4. Thanks Lindal- didn't have to go to that length thankfully- but appreciate your help
  5. Thanks for the answer Ichago- not quite the solution, but interesting- and will watch for that too
  6. Thanks Kalderi- that worked- found it- wasn't a usual gesture, and came in a freebie box- somehow became 'actve' even though I didn't activate it- but can now say back back back- without being obscene! ) thanks so much for your help!
  7. -I have tried removing everything I am wearing, even changed my skin, hair and eyes- gone through everyting in my 'worn' items- but every time I type the word 'back' even in a sentence, it is replaced by an obscene "BACK DAT ASS UP" in my chat and IM.  Its not a gesture in the true sense, as I am not triggering it with a /back and its not in my active gesture list- please help- its driving me crazy- I didn't realise how many times I use the word 'back' in conversation!
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