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  1. Hi all! I've been trying to help a noobie. Her problem is that she logs on as a mist, but never rezzes. She looks fine to anyone around her, just not on her computer, which would seem to be a prob with her computer. She set up a second account with the same problem. Whats odd is that the first 2 or 3 times she logged on both accounts, she was fine, but after that shes a mist. Being a noobie, she only half listened to what i told her, ha ha, and i wasn't always sure she was clicking on the buttons i wanted her to click on. Also i use emerald and she uses 2.0. So, would setting the graphics down to the minimum work to fix this, or is there something else she can do? thanks, Rick
  2. So what you are saying is that something too good to be true is...... oh, never mind. Thankyou everyone for your responses. They are the most I've ever gotten for a question. Hahahaha Anyway, the structure has been replaced by a permanent one, so no more cheating. So my dream of unlimited prims is gone, to be replaced by the reality of SL.... wait, what am I saying? The "reality of SL"? OMG I've been online WAY to much!!!!
  3. Ok so.... a "temporary" object does not add to the total prims a person has on their land. I found a scipt that works like this: put the script into a prim, put a "temporary" object (lets say a 200 prim house) into the prim, then the script will rezz the object(house) every 60 seconds, just before the previous rezzed object vanishes. So you have a 200 prim house on your land that only counts as 1 prim (the prim that the house and script are in). This works great, but my question is... does this cause lag? thanks Rick
  4. In a script I'm writing, I want an object to move 40 meters when I click on it, but I find it will only move a maxium of 10 meters. I suddenly recalled that you can only enlarge a prim a max of 10 meters. Is there a 10 meter max on moving it? Rick
  5. Uploading it as a bmp worked!!! Thankyou!!
  6. When i upload and use a texture on a sculpty, parts of the sculpty are not there. I would insert a picture here to illustrate the problem, but for some reason the "insert picture" is ghosted. The textures do not have transpartent areas, as you might think. They are png files and should not be transparent at all. As an example i have a sculpty candle sitting in a candle holder (this is a single sculpy). you should not be able to see the base of the candle in the holder, but you can. if you rotate around the holder, you can see that it is all there. I have used textures that i've found inworld, and they do not have this problem. The program i use to create the texture is photoshop, and the only option it gives when saving a png file is no/yes interlace. I select no. What other picture files will SL let me upload? Thanks
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