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  1. Is it just me or are other folks randomly seeing "???" above the heads of residents - and in their chat! Yesterday and today I seem to start off as me but switch to "???" - me and a bunch of other folks in my friend list apparently! I mean, if we going to have to get used to the display/user name dichotomy, I'd at least like to SEE them and not "???"!

  2. That's one of the most interesting comments I've heard on this thread if you look purely at the business opportunity lost by LL.If a commodity is in short supply, you can sell it at a premium. In this case, a personal name (vanity name) is, by definition, in short supply. And if folks really, really want new dispaly names, then why not charge for it? This would stop the "weekly griefers" who keep swithcing just because they can and offer folks who want a name for a specific branding purpose to have, and keep, a mark.

    So the question is, who at LL did NOT spot this opportunity to make money? It would have been fairly easy to administer and if kept at a reasobale cost, not too instrusive for regular residents and business owners, Hey, I'd have no problem paying $10 US a year to ensure "Sigmund Leominster" is me, and me alone. And I am pretty sure many business folks would love to have some brand exclusivity - and more inportant, wouldn't begrudge paying LL for the privilege.

    Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk - or lost income.

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