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  1. It would most-likely be in the 1-3k range. Would offering a % of sales for continuted support/updates post completion a reasonable thing to do as well? I suppose that could be included in the contract or adding an hourly wage. I would rather stay with the same scripter/team if I want to update/improve it over time and I thought a % might encourage them to stay over an hourly pay or fixed sum.
  2. Thanks to both of you, this is exactly the kind of experiences and input I wanted to read about. And yes it is a pretty big project on the scale of bunny breedables, though it would feel and work closer to what A&D and Bloodlines are. However like any new project in SL, there's still a chance it wont work/pick up. A follow up question would be could I get away at first with something like David mentioned, a work for hire, where I would own the rights by default, of course with a basic legal agreement that lays out what the job is for. Could I later look into proper IP rights, registering my work, ideas, etc. It has the potential for a lot of growth but would definitely require a lot of database/scripting work. Right now it is closer to a hobby project but the more I work on it, the closer it is to something that would be quite commercial.
  3. I need help from fellow merchants who had big projects and had to hire outside help. How did you guys do it from a legal standpoint? Did you have any documents exchanged/handled, how did payment proceed. I'm curious as to if there are documents available for these kind of contracts/arrangements and what my options are. I want to hire a scripter or two for a large project that would involve in-world scripting as well as some database/website work. Thanks for letting me know what your experiences were
  4. Hi, I've never purchased a region from someone before and I was wondering about the transfer fees when both tickets are submitted. Do we actually need to have a balance or they can charge the credit cards on file. Or do we need a paypal account? If we do need a balance, how do we get USD into our account without selling L$? Thanks for replying
  5. Looking to buy around the end of June, IM in-world Kori Amaterasu with details. Thanks 🙂
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