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  1. the problem with the TMP face ... that you can wear a demo skin from their shop or from and applier skin i just test on market place you see no difference :matte-motes-frown: ..... must detach the face and test on an normal shape face , and you can see the result on face mesh after purchase gag i visit some shop for applier skin but for the moment deetalez and deluxe body factory propose some interisting applier but for girl from belleza i have 4 skin that appear they not sell now 3 of them
  2. my little contribution about TMP , that little the joke to tell people you got 36 color skin yeah amazing but lol , has you purchase 2 color skin for exemple , i tell to the assistant in shop that mean i need to purchase the 34 other skin for the face for match with all color of the body furnished or i wear a black skin with white face :matte-motes-big-grin: for slink and Tmp impossible to wear your SLINK hand with the TMP body mesh you got an separation between the hand and the body .. now what i search is something where i can apply everyskin i own from belleza aeros tellaq , la vie , redgrave etc on this TMP DELUXE ... that maybe mission impossible
  3. yay awesome , i loosing my avi ? wtf , i can t loggin
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