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  1. I had another item go unlisted today while I was trying to update it by adding a related item to the listing. I still have no idea why it's happening. I've taken to checking my listings for unlisted items once per day.
  2. Thanks for responding! It's a good idea to check, I think. I still have no idea how this happened, or if it was all at once, or an item at a time over a long time. It's kinda disturbing to me. Now I'm checking my listings every day. My sales had slowly dropped off over the last several months, and I figured it was only because I'd not put out anything new lately. Now I wonder if I'd been gradually "losing" listings all that time.
  3. A customer IM'd wondering where one of my most popular items was on MP. I find that most of the things in my little MP store are not active. I don't see a notice, and the MP let me mark them active again. Any ideas if this is just a glitch, or something I need to handle? Thanks! Kim
  4. i've noticed i got paid twice for a customer's order from my marketplace store. same order #, same item #. is anyone else having this issue? i IM'd the customer to suggest she file a ticket about it. for all i know, i'll get billed the overpaid amount next week or next month when someone figures out the error. is this a common issue with marketplace? is it being worked on? thanks!
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