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  1. Monowai 512 m2. Quiet location. Not built up. Flat green parcel. $512L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monowai/233/245/56
  2. How do I modify this script so that the door is hinged on the left instead of the right, when facing the door? Appreciate any help, I don't have experience with this. Thanks.
  3. Support had me install the Second Life Voice Viewer RC, and it did fix my problem.
  4. When attaching a HUD (for example, the HUD to select hair colors), my system head spins to face backwards. I have to relog in order to get it to face forward again. Any ideas why this is happening, and what I can do to prevent it? Thanks, Princess Ivory
  5. I intermittently receive the following error message, and cannot log in to voice: "We're having trouble connecting to your voice server https://www.bhr.vivox.com/api2/:UDP:3478,3479,5060,5062,12000-17000. Voice communications will not be available. Please check your network and firewall setup." I have been working with Linden for a few weeks trying to resolve this with no luck. I had hoped the error message would mean something to them, but apparently not. It is an intermittent problem. Exists on 2 different computers (Window 8.1 and Windows 10), using both SL Viewer and Firesto
  6. I was following a format I found elsewhere in the forum. Obviously, it does not work. I am officially giving up now. Apparently, the linking cannot be done. Thanks for the input everyone.
  7. Grrrr....it was right when my alt checked it in Firestorm this morning. Not sure what's up with this. You see that it made the web address a link? It didn't assign the link to the word that followed, like it was supposed to. I used the format: [webaddress.com Word] Isn't that the right way to do it? Princess Ivory
  8. Hi, I've been out of SL for a few years, and now I'm back and looking at land for my small store. Looking at 512 sqm lots with protected roadside access. Wondering what the going rate in L/sqm is for that type of property? Or for mainland in general. The info I find online is out of date. Can someone address the current situation, please? Thanks, Princess Ivory
  9. Thanks for pointing that out about the viewers. Works perfectly in Firestorm!
  10. I will stop trying to make the groups profile work, then. Thanks for the info. When I try that formatting in my own profile, it creates a link, but to the whole address, not to the word/words that follow the link. Please see my profile (Princess Ivory) to see what I mean. I'd appreciate if you could determine what I'm doing wrong. Thank you Princess Ivory
  11. Hi, I found some discussions in this forum saying that to put a clickable link in a profile (I'm trying a group profile) you use the format [http://yourweblink.com Word] These posts were from around 2014. It isn't working for me. I viewed the profile with an alt, and the link isn't there, just the code. Is there a new way to do it? I am using Firestorm. Appreciate any help.
  12. I like dancing, exploring and photography too. I have been on SL for 10 years, but haven't been active for the past 5 years. I just returned, and am looking for friends to hang out with. I like exploring art and nature builds, but am up for just about anything Give me a shout inworld and we can get acquainted. I'm in US Mountain time. Princess Ivory
  13. I found exactly what I needed at Humanoid in the Nadine set. Thanks so much, Alwin, Alcott! Princess Ivory
  14. I'm looking for a dance animation - stand in place and sway/dance slightly, like what you would do at a concert. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Princess Ivory
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