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  1. Before you try to limit the support for basic accounts (which is one of the worst things you can do in my opinion, as you need to support your customers always to get knowledge about what needs improvement) you might just wanne start this post off with apologizing for not catering for any type of support for the past few weeks while your support department is reorganized and fired. I'm a premium member and my tickets remain unanswered (especially the one where I complain about it ;o). Live support isn't open or available when it should be (besides the fact that the live chat support can only answer simple questions and not help you on any real issues). When I try to file a ticket the correct topic is usually not even there, making me have to choose something completely irrelevant (which usually doesn;t help a support department). But basic account holders can just as well spot a serious issue in your product without having any proper way of reporting it, come on you call that improvement? Linden Labs has shown time and time again that they do not take their customer serious. They will not listen to their customers but in stead try to sort them in boxes so they can more easily decide which group to ignore next. Sad reality probably is that while sometimes they do spend their time on making a blog post about some information which is way over due, nobody (from LL) actually cares about reading the responses on it... Or are you gonne prove me wrong?
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