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  1. I am very suprisedthis forum reacts so swiftly, thank you! Well ok, i have to rely on that she is honnest then, and if not, oh well, then she has some monies to do some shopping
  2. like the header said, how do I reclaim it? I have send lindenmoney to someone in my friendlist I did not mean to send to because the name is so damn similiar. How do I get this back if that person is not responding?
  3. Abuse report, but guessing they won't do a lot, as the rightfull owner of the product needs to make a DMCA (copyright) claim. I will contact him right away, thank you very much
  4. How do I report a person who is copybotting, and how do I let authority know that others are being suspected of performing this act?
  5. In the conversations we had before, she has mentioned that the person we speak of has confessed that he has stalked someone before. I am thinking to do that, or at least keep contact via mail or discord. The harasser has mentioned before that he has stalked someone, but he also happens to know, well according to my friend, the personal information of my friend, so it won't be a problem to find out her real-life location. Yes, I also consider contacting the local police at her location to at least report it to them so they have at least something on paper.
  6. I think it could be done by the majority who defends that individual out of pity because of the role that person who bullies assumes. If it was up to me, and if the situation was troublesome, then I would make a new roleplay rule; Make sure that person who assumes the role of that child get treated as an adult equally.
  7. I have received a troubling IM from a dear friend of mine in Second Life, where she describes the following. Someone is harassing her to potentially stalk her in real life and god knows what he would do else. I have made a screenshot in-world of my conversation with my friend, where she also copied her conversation with the harasser, by using the Report Abuse tool and then reported him under disclosure>real life information. It has occurred before, but at the time I did not think heavily about the situation. I now worry about her well-being, what are the necessary steps to execute to have t
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