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  1. My land and the surrounding parcels have become water!!! The land is Azkul. You can't tp in or fly in :O
  2. When I IM, conversation is in real time. When I close that IM and then come back to call someone, I see the log is 6 mos old. Nothing newer. Where is the control for this?
  3. So if they are just kids and will not be bringing much cash............what is point? What economic benefit do they add? I saw an interesting article on news tonite where RL malls are now going to kick them all out unless with parents. Just common sense........they don't provide any benefits but do cause alot of trouble.
  4. Lillith, nicely written and right to the point......kids don't have money. I am not a bigwig by any means on SL but my land fees and membership are over $150 monthly and this does not include shopping, tipping or any other expenditures that occur. This by the way are dollars...not lindens. So what are kids going to do??? Beg??? This only reinforces my opinion that they bring nothing to the table.
  5. You have to realize that alot of us have a sizable monthly investment here and your freeloading group brings nothing but downside to the table. Kids are not going to contribute squat outside of wrecking things. Want to see the future...go to Ahern/Morris welcome hub. The 18 yr olds are easy to spot ......now multiply that by thousands and add 17 to 13 yr olds into the mix. A recipe for disaster. Bottom line.....you are NOT welcome.
  6. The Fail refers to the fact that no one can come here and explain to all of us that are opposed to teens why this will be filled with "enriching projects" and bring about all these "positive benefits". It is their opportunity to change the 99% of us that think this is bullshit. Bring it!
  7. Fail! On number 2.....Minors are minors and are called that for a reason. I have several businesses and could care less about their minute business they bring. Teens and adults do not mix and yes I believe personally that any real adult that likes to hang out with kids on SL is a perv.
  8. Still...no takers. Spare us your generalities.....list facts please. List the benefits.
  9. I have challenged any of these so-called educators, any Linden or that manner anyone who will come on here and explain to everyone how teens to main grid will be an "enriching experience" or be of any benefit at all. These posts are overwhelmingly anti-teen.......so cmon you pro teen pervs...prove us all wrong!!!!!! So far....no takers.
  10. Why don't you enlighten us with all the real benefits that teens will bring. Uhhhhhh let's see......#1 would be ....uhhhhhhhhhhhhh duhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't remember. We can stop there. There aren't any real benefits. Teens belong with teens and adults with adults. Put this up for vote and you'll lose bigtime!
  11. You are correct....I only speak for 99%!!!! Onr thing is for sure......i would like a vote on this and you certainly wouldnt! That speaks volumes.
  12. One thing Ive noticed......Ive not seen one of these so-called educaters on here. C'mon all you self serving teachers........tell us how we are going to be enriched and try to do it with a straight face and without your nose growing!!! C'mon , I dare you!! I don't know who you have pictures of but they must be good ones.
  13. The bottom line......if this was up for vote, this would be the largest landslide in history. NO TEENS! So now all the way to 13yr olds??? What part of NO don't Lindens understand? Teens bring nothing to the table but potential problems and any adult that thinks hanging out with teens is cool...I have one word for you...PERV!
  14. The real pity here is that this can't be voted on. I would bet the ranch, this teen admittance thing would fail like 99% to 1%. Hey Lindens!! Don't you get it? We don't want teens!!!! By the way that 1% are prob pervs or Microsoft making it a condition of their buyout of SL so they can hook up Xbox live to interface.
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