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  1. You really want to know why there are so many freebies on Marketplace? Because all of the major content creators have had to pack up their shops and leave as a result of Marketplace. It's a double-edged sword. Linden Labs invested a whole lot of time and money building Marketplace - now they evn announce that they're migrating to Amazon too. People like me, who used to own stores spread across three full islands have long gone. I started in 2006. I built a vast collection of furniture and homes. At one time, I was earning $50,000 lindens per day and withdrawing $1,500 to $2,000 USD per month. I spent every moment I could building, revising, redecorating, rebuilding, and expanding. Slowly though, the Marketplace became the king. Who's going to pay $5,000 L for a house they can get on Marketplace for $100L? I'm all done now. Today I popped in to convert my premium account to free basic membership. Some of my old furniture and homes are still on Marketplace. I'm giving it all away now. Just like all the other "freebie makers" out there.
  2. The Marketplace killed my sales. I used to have three sims but had to forfeit two of them because the marketplace has created a flood of freebies. Why pay for something if there are loads of freebies available at the click of a button? Why would anyone pay to keep up a sim when their goods are not selling and traffic has ceased? Marketplace is the cause of SL 's demise.
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