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  1. yes, i talked to my hoster, and got as answer that the functions are working, and they gave me a little script to test myself
  2. that was my first thinking too - but when i use the curl function with my own homepage, or for example with google, it works - same script on my local Xampp server with the same rights as i have at my webhoster works too with my homepage, or google, AND get the expected answer from my http server script in sl
  3. Hi there, i am trying to work with some http-Servers - all was working fine over years till 24th of april this, then my webhoster changed some things, and now i get an error when i try to call the sl-servers with my php scripts from this webserver: Failed connect to sim10159.agni.lindenlab.com:12046; Connection refused when i do the same with my Xampp Test server, it is working fine, when i use the calling link directly in my webbrowser, i get the expected answer from secondlife My feeling tell me, that my script, or IP from my web is banned? or what else reasons could be t
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