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  1. I'm responding because I was asked to. I suppose my heart left SL a long time ago as I came to the conclusion that creators would never be respected & would just be exploited. The TOS change in August 2013 just made it all more concrete in my eyes & I didn't expect any changes (that were fair to creators) to ever come about. Although I joined UCCSL & hoped that perhaps those who knew more about legalities then me might have a solution, I didn't have a lot of hope that things would change. I will continue to draw down my business in SL. Not because I don't believe in the
  2. Welcome, Rod! Please immerse yourself in SL and try to understand it...it means different things to different people. It has the power to change lives, is unique, and very much loved by many. However, realize that as loved as SL is, LL has NOT been so loved of late. Residents feel abused, over-charged, unsupported, unappreciated, and trampled on. My wish is that this is a new start for the company behind SL. LL gave us a beautiful world...but its continued success is dependant on how it treats and values its residents . Will you treat us as the partners we are? Will you recognize tha
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