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  1. Hey all. I thought I had checked the box to downgrade my account to basic (the day before it was to be renewed for a new month), but when I received my debit billing statement I noticed that LL had withdrawn the monthly $10 fee and I checked my account online and it is still premium. Is this worth fighting with them? And if I cancel it now, will I at least be able to receive my benefits until the end of the month? Even though I didn't want the premium for another month, I'd rather keep it and at least partially benefit from it, rather than flat out throwing away $10. What would you recommend? And how often in advance should I cancel the premium aspect it in the future?
  2. I've been. There are some lovely products, especially ones that donate to the Relay for Life cause.
  3. Hello all. I recently rejoined SL since I turned 18 and got age-verified. I am interested in roleplaying, but I am having trouble finding my niche. Can anyone recommend an active vampire or fantasy roleplay that isn't so violent/sexual or centered around combat? I've come across many of those "dark" roleplays in my search and they're a bit too much for me. I don't mind as much if other folks do the fighting thing, but it's just not something that interests me. Time period doesn't matter, I guess.
  4. I have payment info on file. Perhaps I should buy some $L to get it going? Looks like it's off to support for me. Thanks anyway.
  5. I guess I'll wait because I have logged out and in and cleared cache. Nothing helped.
  6. I am a former TG member who recently turned 18 and was manually age verified today. When I go to change my preferences where it says, "I want to access content rated," in order to view "Moderate" or "Adult" content, I cannot choose anything other than "G" - there is no drop down menu with other options! Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. As the title asks, I know that SL lists its policy on Age Verification in the Knowledge Base and such, but it's still a bit confusing to me, as I date back to pre-teen grid merging. I am turning 18 in a week and want to be age-verified so I can do adult activities and view that content. So do I file a support ticket now, a week before my birthday, or once after I turn 18?
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