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  1. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Bryce Davenport wrote: You can upgrade now Win 10 is going to be a free upgrade when it comes out and since there is not an "offical" release date on Windows 10 why would you want to wait possibly a year and go with out sales from the MP during that whole time? Do you now make enough sales to pay for some if not all of the computer upgrade ? From Microsoft... "We will offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year!" namssab1nad Piers is using Windows XP... They would have to buy Win 7 or 8.1 in order to get the free upgrade. My point was that by someone saying the want to wait untill windows 10 comes out is not a good arugement because as you have help to make clear ... windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 get the upgrade for free not win xp ppl .. so the person could buy win 7 and not have to purchase another os for a while. I have made my own computer it cost me around 1,300 usd but there are pre built computers out there that will work with SL starting at around $250.00 usd is an $200 computer the best NO but it should run SL and Gimp so there you go.
  2. You can upgrade now Win 10 is going to be a free upgrade when it comes out and since there is not an "offical" release date on Windows 10 why would you want to wait possibly a year and go with out sales from the MP during that whole time? Do you now make enough sales to pay for some if not all of the computer upgrade ?
  3. Can you please ask Jeremy Linden to update the Knowledge Base artical to refelct the changes you have listed here ... his last update was 12-05-2014.... Also some pictures of the Invntory windows and folders and other changes would be nice I beleive that would be helpfull for merchants to use to beta test the changes.
  4. Coby Foden wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: The reality as I see it is that this is where LL sees the future of the Avatar going. Not in the customizing we've all been doing individually all along with the current Ava. We are simply going to cover it up. " Implementing excellent new default avatar shape would be a much better solution. It would be a win situation for all." I disagree with that statement ... We have long needed a new avatar, these would work IF LL did a few more things. It could eaisly be the same for creators as the old default or "classic " avatar if LL would just do a little more work on the back end of things ... These new avatars have the potential to have two arms ! among other great improvements. LL could make it so and from a creation stand point we wouldn't even notice that big of a difference ... Make the avatars contestant, gives us the UV maps, make all of the moph sliders work in the edit appearance (for shapes) double the mesh on the avatar so alpha maps could be used on another layer (like tattoos do for skin) , for goodness sake add more bones so we can animate fingers, toes, lips etc........ Get creators to help make things for the avatars you use to attract new users instead of LL employees that dont have alot of time on the clock to create ...
  5. There was a group of Mesh designers asked to join a privet forum ( we had to sign a NDA) we saw numerous problems with Fitted Mesh, we commented, offered our help, asked for UV maps, asked for more information, told them all the issues we saw as well as our concerns about future problems.... extremely very little was convey back to us. Even the files that we where suppose to use for fitted mesh are NOT the same as the new avatars even though we where supposedly going to make items for the new fitted mesh avatars.... which would have made rigging to fitted mesh a ton easier. Alot of the current issues with these avatars as well as fitted mesh in general could be fixed rather easily ... I just dont understand why LL will not use some of the suggestions proposed by the community. For one .. the issue with the mesh heads not being able to to use the face sliders such as for the eyes, nose and lips.. there is already Morph target parameters in the avatar_lad.xml etc... why not add a few more lines of code to include the new meshes. The original default avatar is a mesh... I dont understand why they can not include the new ones. (I am not a programmer, I do realize the abovt statement might require more than what I have just said.) Secondly they really need to give out the UV maps of the new avatars so skin and tattoo designers can give people more options. These are just a few examples.
  6. There is a bug with Advanced graphics ... This video I made shows the issue ...
  7. I pretty much agree with what Steph Catseye says .... I was in the NDA for the fitted mesh .. and fitted mesh avatars... I asked and asked about UV maps .... so much could have been created with those ... Skins, Tattoos for both arms (I just know the new ones have two arms UV maped). Well lets just say I asked for alot of things ... was eighter ignored or told no. I am very very sad about this release and I really hope they contuine to work on these avatars and make them better and give us creators all the tools we need .....
  8. I dont think they made the shape editable because .... the face mophs dont work .... so if you put on another shape ... you still have the same face epic fail ... epic fail ... there is sooooooo much they could have done ... not that hard really ... but it does have to be done in the viewer code for everyone to see.
  9. The reason some "standard sizing" doesnt seam to be standard at all is because your right it is not... To make the sizes you need to fit, strech and shrink the mesh to sit on top of the avatar shape for that size (in the 3D program) I have seen that most do not... they dont care if the mesh cuts into the Avatar because latter an alpha layer will be used so they may not think that is of any importance... Not all mesh is created equal not even by the same creator, always get a demo, and if they dont offer a demo ask them for one .. it not hard to make a demo. Fitted Mesh will be coming out in the near furtre this will slove alot of sizing problems, but still it has to be weighted correctly to the bones so the rule of always get a demo remains.
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