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  1. And regarding the topic of this post, LL doesn't have any interest in you using L$ to pay them. You forget that L$ are fake money and the real money has alredy been spent in SL and it is in their pockets already. When you convert L$ to real money they take away their fat share, but is much better for them to receive real fresh money to get you back into the system than using fake L$ currency.
  2. I have been in SL since 2006 and I was a sim owner lucky enough not to need Linden customer service until few days ago. Actually I used the chat and they were always very good. But now I am not surprised by this post. I had a problem, tickets wouldn't take me anywhere so I called the phone line also. I was on hold for 20 minutes and my calls were dropped 3 times. Once I was able to talk to somebody she was so rude and unprofessional I couldn't believe who I was talking to, and of course she couldn't help and no supervisor was available. So good luck with the Lindens.
  3. Nothing particular is different... It is LL policy... a sim buyer needs permission from neighboring sim owners.
  4. You can disbelief as much as you want but I am telling you... I went through this process twice, and that is what it is. Currently I am trying to give a sim to a friend, actually selling it for 100L and LL is blocking the procedure until they get the neighbors approval. The point though is taht they impose this rule that tickets have to go to completion is 48 hours, so if the neighbors do not send the approval in time the case is closed and there is no transfer. I already opened the 'case" twice with no result. The ony reason I have not dumped the sim is because is Christmas and on the sim there are 2 mainstores. I don't want to damage my merchant friends business. Before next tier if the matter is not resolved i will get rid of the sim.
  5. Actually LL mandates neighbors approval to change the ownership of a sim if they are adjacent or corner to corner. The sim I am selling is adjacent to other 2 sim, like in a cluster of fashion sims, and the approval of 2 neighboring owner is required. So 4 ticket are required, buyer, seller, and 2 neighbors, and all of this has to happen in 48 hours because that's how long a 'case' stays open. For personal reasons I have to close the sim by year end, and if we are not able to finalize the transaction by then LL will lose a sim for a self imposed policy. How smart is that. All the tickets are there but they wouldn't process them because the case is closed. I am not going through the ordeal again, especially after Mae shut the case on my face. If this is their customer servive and you, the seller (LL) are so rich that you can spit on 295$ a month, good for you. I am not sure if you have to pay the move to another location when you are buying an existing sim, or if they give you this oportunity for free at this time.
  6. Ok here my rant is beginning.. I need to sell a sim and (for personal reasons) I have a few weeks deadline to do it. The sim is adjacent to other sims and not only I need the acceptance of the buyer, but also the authorization of 2 neigbhors. I open a case... I give the ticket number to all the interested parties... and wait, and wait. One of the neighbors is not logging on and not answering my emails until late a couple of weeks. The case is closed. So I go back and ask Mae Linden who is handling it, since I have a particular situation, (very politely) to keep it open. No way.. this is not the way LL handles things... after a couple of times back and forth with Mae she locks che case (like don't bother me anymore) and that is the kiss of death apparently. If a shop, like let say Macy's, was in a similar situation they would have done everything is their power to help me, (actually recently they went through hell to help me with a 65$ transaction) but no... dealing with LL is worst than dealing with the beaurocracy of the government. Evidently LL doesn't need the money and they spit on 295$ a month. Good for them. From my side I done dealing with LL. Good bye, Annemarie
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