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  1. Yes, we're just discovering how each user will experience media according to their own settings. So it probably can't be done.
  2. My partner and I are working on a project to show videos of rl scenes, including webcams, as if seen through the windows in our skybox, using media on a prim to show the video. Movement and sound contribute greatly to immersion. We are now adding windows that 'open' and 'close'. We want to have the video sound level increase and decrease automatically (probably just come on and go off) when the windows open and close. Can anyone suggest how this might be done (and even if it's possible)?
  3. Thanks both for your responses, particularly for the info about how the viewer displays media on a prim. @Qie Niangao I will check with my partner exactly what version she is using. @Fritigern Gothly I just updated my LL viewer and the live stream plays for me, so thje problem is with Firestorm. Here's hoping the main release of Firestorm updates soon. I can't stand the LL viewer!
  4. My partner and I are working on an in-world media player using media on a prim face (set via the texture tab in Edit). We both see, for example, YouTube videos in world without a problem. However, while live webcam feeds work fine in my home pc browser, in world they work for her but not me. I only see the message "Your browser does not currently recognise any of the video formats available." Example streams: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/blackpool/blackpool.html https://www.earthcam.com/usa/nevada/lasvegas/fremontstreet/?cam=catsmeow_lv_fremont
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll just have to persist and try to pinpoint the issues.
  6. Thanks, Thanks, it's reassuring to know it's not the gaps in the routing. I'll follow your advice and get back when I have any more information.
  7. I live on a boat and have two options to get on line, both wireless. One is the marina wifi, the other is my TP-Link M7350 mobile data dongle using an EE sim. The marina wifi is relatively slow and occasionally drops completely for time, which is a major annoyance, but when it's up it works ok with Second Life. The TP-Link is much faster, seems not to drop the connection, but often the viewer stalls loading textures and sometimes makes me crash when tp'ing. The firmware for the dongle is up to date. I've changed many of its settings (band, channel, mode) without success. On my phone the Wifi A
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