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  1. Very well https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229340
  2. A no-Mod EEP has some parameters that are not immediately viewable. For example you can see the color of the sky but you cannot click on it to get its exact RGB value. But you can also see other values, but just not modify them. All you have to do is then apply it yourself, then go into Personal Lighting, and suddenly everything is viewable and modifiable to you. It is very inconsistent. I tried it in both default viewer and FS. There seems to be no way to protect your EEP settings.
  3. Right, the fact that you could have always stolen somebody's Windlight is the reason mine have never been shared. It looks like that will continue to be the case.
  4. I understand that EEPs are now an object in the inventory and can be then shared or sold on the marketplace. As I am now 14 years in SL I have some very nice Windlights that I would like others to enjoy. However the problem is that I'm not able to hide the sky properties such as Blue density, cloud color, sunlight color, etc. I saved the EEP object as No Modify, No Transfer, but Copy OK and then sent it to an Alt. My Alt was able to view all the sky settings. You only have to apply the EEP to yourself, and then go into "Personal Lighting" to have full access. You could then move the sun
  5. Hi, I am looking for recommendations for landscaper / terraformers who could build a rugged coastline, something similar to Big Sur. They would also be familiar with using Las Isla waves, or similar ocean enchancements, as well as roadways. The project would be for about half a homestead sim size. Must speak English. Thanks! Vicky
  6. If one were to use the sony ps3 eyes with the ipisoft, is a sony ps3 required? Or, does ipisoft + camers work with a windows machine? Thanks.
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