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  1. I finally know why there no download button for me, it only be available if there are transcation near 30 days, i see it after i selected earlier date.. Thanks again..
  2. Thanks for the help, i saw the chat log, but only stores this year. i guess the old has gone with the wind due to formating.. I didn't realize about the pathway though.. Still, i am not sure how save transaction history into hd.., the old sl allows it but not the new one, no download button from there..
  3. thanks for the reply.. sigh.., i can't locate any log folder in my hd, and evenhtough if i did, i format my pc always due some virus or crashing.. so, no luck on this.. I just hope i can have a live chat with any linden to see what theycan do, i believe the still have it on their database though..
  4. Can any linden offcial please assit this matter?? I need to prove i did paid a sum of amount of lindens as investments years ago, but i cannot remember which year, i want to withdraw my investment form a group, i need to it to show as prove incase that person deny my payment,please.. The current account transcation only shows the current or 30 days, that simply not good enough for me, do i have to sign up for premium just to get help from a linden official for this kind of issue??? I wanted ot submit a ticket, but there weren't any category for my matter..
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