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  1. If you gave him anything (NC etc) or vice versa it will be listed in your transaction records.
  2. LOL. Stop explaining! when someone points it out either ignore them or say thanks and move on 
  3. If you are the creator of these items you will be listed as such. If the only reason you gave them to him was for him to place them in vendors while you were in business together you have a legitimate claim since that business no longer exists. Do you have logs of conversations you had with him where you discussed the use of these items? Do you have a partnership contract? Even if you do not I would suggest sending him a cease and desist in a NC notifying him that he must stop selling your items immediately and warn him that if he does not you will file a complaint against him with LL. B
  4. Sounds like your new status is working it's way through Linden Lab. I would give it a couple more days.
  5. One the files in your viewer may be corrupt. I had same issue and a clean re-install of my viewer fixed it. Here is how to do a clean install: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=clean_reinstall it is the Phoenix wiki but it applies to any viewer
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