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  1. I recently posted a question about privacy issues to do with people passing private ims around.. The answer was very helpful.. and I thought nothing more of it.. I was imed and told by someone that if they place this in their picks.." It is against TOS of SL to share information and/or chat logs with others in IM's and notecards, unless a disclaimer is in profile. Here is said disclaimer. If needed I will share information with others if I feel it is necessary. **************************************** that is gives them a way around the legality of it all. I am sorry I trusted someone long ago so much.. that has changed now, unfirtunatly..and I tried to put a ticket in.. but could not find the heading to cover this issue.. I feel that if this disclaimer allows people like this to do what they want.. then we have lost so much..words can be cut/pasted and twisted around (that has not been done to me yet) if this dislaimer is actually true..and many are saying it is.even with number 4 of the big 6 being in place.
  2. hello.. i know i ahve been stupid.. but I fail to read peoples profiles sometimes.. and I don't like it when they ahve. that clause about ims.. and their right to give to anyone else as they see fit..a friend can turn and then words can be used against another person.. I just would like to know is their anything I can do.. maybe place something in mine to stop them..copying what i write or should i just be more vigilant.. and start reading profiles.. smiles. would be helpful if i knew please..
  3. Hi.. I have been here since 2007.. use my main avatar lost of the time. at the moment things look normal on my screen but not to others.. I try to change and either nothing happens as far as anyone else can see ( I can). or I have a completly different outfit on that what I have put on. and the outfit I have on to them.. will not come off and does not show to me in any way.. The issues just keep going on with the avatar.. If I come on with my alt.. everything is fine not an issue.. Maybe I have a bug of some kind in my main alt.. .I do not know.. I have clean installed ecte ct.. all to no availe. is there a solution that can allow me to go back to useing my normal avatar.. my alt is only used for emergencys .. like this.. ☺ Thanks if anyione can.. I have cleared cache.. have the alts cahche going into a different folder.. and nothing has worked.. if it was on my server wouldn't it effect both my avatars?
  4. It is not just hopping bunnies that are disapearing.. when i returned to sl yesterday my partner.. said the bed, and a rug.. had gone.. and all the poseballs on the land.. while i was just standing there.. 2 of the lounge chairs just vanished.. and both of us saw it.. they did a restart.. but it has not helped.. the items are just gone.. the sim had plenty of prims.. and they have not just hopped of the land.. I am at a loss to know what to do.. just letting you all know.. its not just things that are moving that are vanishing..
  5. I returned home to find some items.. Bed/ two lounge chairs/ and all animated poseballs on the land, just gone.. while I was standing there the other couch just disappeared also. I tried to take a pic of the empty area to show my partner.. but it said server failure.. so would not do so.. when he cam eon it looked the same to him, and they re-started the sim to see if it would help.. the items were expensive and is there anyway. we could get them back.. ******** I was wondering is roleback the same as a re-start? maybe that would return the items . Thanks for any help..
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