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  1. I agree, you should make a female friendly version. Preferably purple, with a great rev button on it.... :matte-motes-kiss:
  2. And by the grace of, uh, well idk. But anyway, I have music. I didn't do anything new or different, it was just there. Lovely. Thanx for all the help
  3. LOL! Yes my speakers are on, I can hear music on other sims and no, no one else can hear music at my house. I even re-downloaded sl but nothing changed.
  4. All that and still nothing. Boooo.
  5. I'm wondering two things. First can you play music in a Linden Home? Second; if you can, how? I have both V. 2 and Pheonix, and I know how to add the URL for music and all that jazz. But it never works. So I'm wondering if I missed something or if I can do it at all. I'm totally frustrated with this.
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