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  1. The Facebook like button is used for tracking. Facebook can use it to determine every single profile you've viewed, and sell that data to advertisers or other third parties. You do not have to click the button, merely having it loaded will tell Facebook what page you're seeing it on. You also do not have to have a Facebook account for this to happen. This is not the only thing wrong with profiles; Facebook and Twitter are just the first advertisers to buy profile advertising space from Linden Lab. Our profiles will soon be advertising space for a wide range of products and services. And with
  2. "It's opt-in" Hooray for complete lies. It's opt-OUT, but said option to opt-out does not work (it's a checkbox that becomes checked again the next time you reload the page, no matter how many times you click apply).
  3. Caitlin, I'm pretty sure that at least some of the items you describe are already against the rules. See this page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#adult-guidelines Particularly the part about "Banned Content". I'm sure that at least the part about rape you mentioned, is against the rules.
  4. Seriously? You're pretending you listen to jiras now? Ha. More like you Lindens just CLOSE them, leaving huge problems wide open. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3494
  5. More time spent developing a feature we don't want. Kind of like Viewer 2 as a whole..
  6. A particularly important one to vote on is: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3378
  7. ohh i see the point in web profiles someone that has a similar name in world as they do in RL or on some other web profiles, their mom or someone like their boss can look them up, see the same username for this game, and see all the little kinks and such that the person is into, all the little secrets they wanted to keep sepperate and in SL, ohhh yes, to all those people who say they keep RL and SL sepperate, youve just been FORCED to share your SL with the net the LEAST you LL people can do is make it OPTIONAL!!! LL said they were going to make it optional. There's a page with opti
  8. What's this? The viewer still has display names, side bar, and web profiles? Why, this doesn't seem like a stpe forward at all! It almost seems like LL is trying to see how far they can go in the wrong direction before there's nobody left! I love how you added a somewhat hard to find settings page for web profiles, with a "I want my profile to be available on the web." checkbox that, although you can uncheck it, it becomes checked again the next time you refresh the page. Someone is doing an excellent job at making sure everything is just the right amount of annoying.
  9. So... You're not removing it? Did you see our comments earlier? About how this has nothing to do with our feedback, because if it did then this entire web profile system would be removed? We want our in-viewer profiles, which have no ads for social networks in them, and which have more features.
  10. Pfff. Anyone foolish enough to sign up to that site shouldn't be surprised when things like that happen.
  11. If they didn't listen you wouldnt have been able to start detaching and docking sidebar panels on the V2, the ability to turn off the speak button if you turn off voice, or all the bug fixes, or the ability to use an outside editor for scripting. Wait, what? Are you really pretending that Viewer 2 has anything to do with our feedback? If LL really took our feedback seriously it would have been ditched before it came out of release candidate status. There's nothing good about the sidebar and it's not worth anyone's time to pretend otherwise.
  12. Based on our feedback? We've been saying we do not want web profiles at all and we do not want the facebook/twitter links at all. You haven't removed either one of those, so how is any of what you said, based on our feedback?
  13. which these days basically means, "you visited a web site. Hey, not all website managers are dumb enough to cover their pages in facebook's advertising. I sincerely hope it's not on most sites. There's a hack to disarm it listed up above, but if you use that you won't be able to log into Facebook. You say that like it's a bad thing, or like it matters at all.
  14. We don't use viewer 2. You don't have to be using viewer 2 to be negatively affected by web profiles. Your profile is live and public on the web, complete with the new advertisements, even if you have never used viewer 2.
  15. I shall provide Linux instructions for modifying the hosts file to block the Facebook like button: Open a terminal, and type in the following command: sudo gedit /etc/hosts gedit is the text editor that commonly comes with Linux distros such as Ubuntu. The hosts file syntax is the same here as it is on Windows; add a new line at the bottom: www.facebook.com
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