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  1. I have a friend ( ex partner ) in sl , who told me , that he was suddenly banned from sl. He told me, that he couldn´t log in anymore and he received a message about " aministration issues " . First he thought , it was me, that I did something evil, because I´m his ex wife in sl...but it wasn´t me ( hahaha ) :smileyvery-happy: I never heard in nearly 5 years SL , that somebody was banned that way. He called the hotline and they ask for a copy of his passport. ( ??? ) He said, he gave it to them and he is still waiting for a respond. Meanwhile he is using an ALT with the same name on the display and blames different women, that they maybe acted evil against him. Not a nice story , really...it makes a lot of people upset. :womanmad: He even told me, that it happened , after somebody bought a shape of him and he never sold that shape before. I start to doubt that story and would like to know: WHAT COULD BE A REASON; THAT AN AVATAR IS BANNED BY LINDEN? Thank you for your interesse , :matte-motes-inlove: love & peace...
  2. I cancelled my payment / credit card , it even shows " no payment info" in my dashboard , but I still see " payment info used " in my profile. How can I get a correct status in my profile? I called already the Hotline, but they cannot help me inworld.
  3. Since 3 days I cannot buy Linden Dollars anymore. I´m asked for my credit card data etc...but when I check my status it says it´s active and even shows the last 4 numbers of my credit card.
  4. My profile Mona Mendes doesn´t show in the SL viewer. It´s existing at Phoenix, but not in the sl viewer. If I want to upload it , I get the following message The page you were looking for doesn't exist If you continue to receive this message after following a link from within this site, please use the options under the viewer's "Help" menu or visit Second Life Support. Go to my.secondlife.com I have lots of classifieds and they don´t show :-(
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