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  1. I purchased an item on Marketplace and I was (1) charged for it in-world as expected, AND (2) I was debited for it in RL out of my debit account. First of all I don't need two copies of a copyable item, but worst, I don't want to pay three times as much for the second copy! I want my debit card transaction reversed immediately.
  2. I know everyone has a different experience with SSB/Sunshine, but it's far from a perfected technology. I see rapid changes MOST of the time. After I've changed clothing two-three times, it simply stops updating. If I reload textures, the unbaked textures reload as unbaked gray textures. At that point, I MUST relog to bake. My partner uses a different viewer and her results are even worse. She's lucky if her clothing changes appear at all after the first time. She must relog almost every time she changes clothes. It's not just me either. At clubs I frequently see many gray people
  3. As always the blame is instantly placed on the user. I have a 30mpbs connection, which I dare say is faster than 90% of SL users. I just got a NEW router as well, so maybe it's LL and not me. Everyone I know is having issues with it. Thanks for playing. Next time try being constructive instead of destructive.
  4. So, here we are in September now and SSA/SSB isn't working well at all. It;s not my vewers or my connection. It's LL's crappy code, as usual. But it's okay, having a gray head for hours is an improvement I suppose.
  5. It's great that you fixed something that wasn't really broken at all, and made sure that it was broken big time now. I'm running two different viewers, both updated for SSA code, and BOTH are failing at updating avatar textures. It might be good for LL to implement what we in software development used to call ALPHA and BETA TESTING (in house) before releasing products. But it's okay. All I have to do is RELOG in order to update my avatar's appearance. No problem at all. Oh, and before you blame me for the problems, I'm on a lightning fast connectionn (30mpbs down, 6mbps up). Everyone I
  6. You can always count on Linden Labs to fix something that wasn't broken, and thereby ensure that it's broken for weeks or months afterward. Baking was NOT a problem, but is certainly is now. What a stupid screwed up mess. This is the SLOWEST baking I've seen since I started in 2007. In fact, some things NEVER bake until you reboot several times. Can we just go back to client side baking?
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