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  1. I have an account with administrative suspended this account is basic, I wonder if you can make this premium account so you can talk in chat with support for with tickets are difficult to resolve as well as take
  2. Yes I know it's a case for support but what they say is that you can not create another ticket, EMTA and I will consult my doubts whether the ticket is not completed before sending?
  3. Hello I have a question and help out a friend who is the avatar of administrative suspension, you are charginga document to prove their age. He made a new ticket but not being accepted because they say that he has to answer the ticket that was requested ducumento, this was done but the message he writes is not recorded in the ticket just the annex to the document. Except that so far he does not return then you are in doubt whether the document was sent toLL. the ticket when you open the document file is there but its message is not. How do I know if everything was done right? This delay is nor
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