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  1. While sorting folders I discovered that my Landscape folder disappeared. I logged in to the beta grid and there are my missing items. After conducting all the tips & hints to retrieve lost items, I contacted SL Support. I am advised that I am out of luck. Has anyone else with missing inventory from the main grid been able to see their missing items while in the beta grid (Aditi)? Of course, I am also advised purchase records are no longer available after 32 days so I don't have proof of purchases. Any ideas or am I truly SOL.
  2. When the last Linden viewer downloaded, the white textures of my carpet, floors, even the pages of a book, became so bright you can't make out the details of the fabric or the printing on the pages. The textures are not on bright or glow. I did take the white marble floor and added grey to tone it down but now it has taken away from the initial design. Before I start messing things up, I thought I might ask the experts what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome. Oh, and I also disabled the face light-I know that has an effect too. Thank You.
  3. I have land on the mainland and am at the top of my allowable tier rate-which is OK. I want to purchase another 512 sq.m along with abandoning 512 sq.m to maintain my 8192 sq.m. I do understand the tier rate will increase for one month. I just don't want to jeopardize my remaining 7680 sq.m. in this transaction. Thanks
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