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  1. It seems problems are not over yet. Tried Logging in from the Netherlands at 11:20 am PDT but no success!
  2. Since a few days I can't play you tube movies on my NHC - [ TSQ311 V3 ] mediaplayer anymore... actually since the latest flash update appeared.. In the past you could download a special flash plugin for chrome and IE explorer, but that option has gone. Can it have anything to do with the recent Google Chrome policy to not support the NPAPI plugin anymore? Or at least is planning to skip that feature. I checked it over and over again but no youtube display inworld.
  3. I am not able to buy L$ from the viewer anymore because I would not have billing options set, however when opening billing information in the dashboard I am not able to see the status on these subject nor edit this information. Hovering over Editing button to edit the billing options shows the link to the page but that page is not opened after clicking Buying linden$ from the dashboard is failing too. I can proceed all the way to the cashiers screen but when I am there I can't click the "buy now" button because it simply moves away and is dead. To be sure I reinstalled the latest Java version in my IE 9. In my opinion the problem is that one ore more java scripts are not compatible with my Internet Explorer 9. My system: Intel I7 / 12 Gigabyte mem / Ati HD 4750 graphics / windows 7 64bit Home edition / .... It is maybe good to know that this combination (system, explorer, viewer) did work fine until a few days ago..I bought L$ about 4 weeks ago. I did not loose any money because the transactions failed before executing.. and not be able to delete complemetary creditcards is in my opinion a problem in that webpage and not a billing issue UPDATE I Accessed my dashboard from a Safari browser on an Apple I-Pad and there it all works fine and I could perform the transactions i wanted to do. I am still convicend there is a problem in the java scripting in relation to Internet Explorer 9.
  4. I found out that buying L$ from within the viewer instead of via the dashboard is working perfect. Hope you find this answer usefull.
  5. I think I have the same problem! After completing all information the "PLACE ORDER" button appears...but clicking that does nothing!
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