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  1. If you don't want to see adult content than you can go to G rated sims and set your filters to G ratings onky. You can also go to grids with no sexual content. If someone sexually harasses you, report, block, and move on. I understand not wanting to see adult content but others are still entitled to their lifestyle choices.
  2. We could always use a cat for our Japanese sim. We are very cat and furry friendly. If you are interested, IM me in world.
  3. 512 Protected View Waterfront for sale for 9,000L or OBO. Nice View! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malvolio/248/12/22 3 sides Protected 512 Waterfront for Sale for 10,000L or OBO. Nice Area! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dicycla/108/235/23
  4. Have you ever wanted to live in a beautiful private Japanese sim in Second Life? If so, we have jobs that allow residency in our sim. We are looking for mature women to train as geisha, work as our sake bar manager, or become temple miko. These jobs provide a room with 50 prims and 100% of your tips earned. Geisha are given free training, instruments, and costumes. We are also looking for a men to work as a priest, ninja, or samurai. We can provide housing with 50 prims and 100% tips. IM April Cordeaux
  5. Are you a Japanese fan? Do you love Japanese history and culture? Would you love to live in a beautiful Japanese sim from the late Edo period? Then we have the following role jobs at Gion Kobu that you may be interested in. Geisha trainee: You are start out as a Shikomi. You get a free room in our okiya and 25 prims. You will receive free lessons and instruments at needed. Fair share of tips. This job takes a couple of years to complete but worth it if you love geisha culture. Miko: We are looking for a miko to take care of our shinto shrine and sweep it when needed. You will receive a free room in our okiya, 25 prims, and a tip jar. Shinto Priest: We are looking for a shinto priest to take care of our shrine and officiate special ceremonies. You can live in our priest hut, receive 25 prims, and a tip jar. We are looking for a female manager for our sake bar. You will receive a free room in our okiya, 50 prims for decorating, and a tip jar. You can send out notices for events. We are looking for a samurai clan to take over our dojo. We can provide you with a dojo, 50 prims for decorating, and the ability to send notices for events. We are looking for a ninja clan to take up residence in our sim. We can provide you with a ninja hut, 50 prims for decorating, and the ability to send notices for events. If interested send a note card to April Cordeaux in world. Visit us in sim at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gion Kobu/129/145/22 Thank you
  6. We are looking for the following role players: Shinto Priest, Samurai, and Ninja We need a sensei to run our new dojo. You will get 50 prims to use at the dojo. We would prefer someone to run a samurai clan here. We are looking for a shinto priest for our shrine. You will get 25 prims and a priest hut. We are looking for ninja clan to practice here. There is a ninja hut and dojo. We also need a manager for our art gallery. We need someone with the ability to advertise for Japanese artists to show their work or someone who has friends in the SL art world. Contact April Cordeaux via notecard in world. Thank you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gion%20Kobu/128/155/22
  7. We are looking for the following roleplayers for our Japanese sim: Sensei to run the dojo. Shinto priest to run the temple. Samurai and Ninja rolpelayers. Roleplay job: Female Sake Bar Owner. You get a free room with 50 prims and keep all your tips. We are also looking someone to set up and manage our Japanese art gallery. IM April Cordeaux with notecard if interersted You can visit the sim at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gion%20Kobu/129/145/22
  8. We are look for a mesh geisha kimono designer who would like to rent for free in our sim. We can provide you with 50 prims and a large store space. The only requirement is to stay within your prim limit and create educational geisha posters to display in your store. Please contact April Cordeaux with a notecard if interested.
  9. Shrine Maiden to roleplay working at our shrine. You will get 50 prims, a room, and 100% tips. You must be female & be able to greet visitors and show them around. Mature females who wish to train to become a geisha. You need to be female, mature, able to handle classes and working at the tea house each week. You will get a room with 25 prims, lessons, fair share of tips, and needed equipment. Sake bar manger: You will receive 50 prims to run the sake bar and 100% of tips. We also need an art gallery manager and number of prims can be negotiated. Contact April Cordeaux in world with a notecrd if interested.
  10. Karyukai Okiya is looking for a female to work as a miko, a female shrine attendant for our Gion Kobu Japanese sim. You would be responsible for watching the shrine, sweeping it, greeting visitors, showing people the fortune vendor, and helping with special shinto ceremonies. You must be female, over 6 months old in Second Life, able to emote, understand Japanese and shinto culture. You will be provided with a miko outfit, home setting, and a room in the okiya, geisha house. You will be alloted 25 prims for your room. No payment can be given but a free home with a geisha family. You may keep all tips given to you. If interested, IM April Cordeaux in Second Life for an interview.
  11. Experienced machima vidoegrapher wanted to create videos of special geisha events and shows each month. The vidoes are to be shown on the Karyukai Tea House Website and must be available on youtube. Price per video is negotiable. Please contact April Cordeaux if interested.
  12. Animator wanted to create custom animations for geisha dances and games. Samples of the animations can be given through youtube. The animations are only for use under my group and will not be distributed to others. The animations will be used to create artistic content. Price is negotiable depending on the work for each group of animations. Please IM April Cordeaux if you are an experience animator who can create games and dance animations.
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