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  1. Sounds like good news. I didn't know even know one can call them up. Thanks for doing so, let's hope their supervisors agree. P.S.: also got stuck the first time when I was in some sandbox area and flying to the bordering area, strange. edit: when are regions normally scheduled for restarts anyway? edit2: my ticket was closed and about 5 min later I received a reply that they reset my avatar and now the login works! Thanks Linden family!
  2. Wow guys, take a chill pill and a deep breath please! Sure this is annoying but such things happen in online worlds. Don't take it so personal as if someone tried to keep you from SL intentionally. This is not about trust, it's a technical issue most likely that has neither good or bad intentions. Since yesterday I'm affected too. Today I was able to login surprisingly but when I got back an hour later the issue re-occured. In any case, even as a non-premium member I can open a support ticket on the website, so can you, too. So cut back on the swearing and use your efforts to locate the support ticket area instead.
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