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  1. Personally, as a premium account member for over 4 years I would like to see something other then "exclusive gifts". Instead of giving me furniture why don't you up my weekly stipend so that I may go forth & buy my own? Then I would be able to support various content creators instead of one of your choosing. As for a private sandbox, this isn't a bad idea. Yet how does this help those who are premium members that already have the space to build in? I can think of many things that I would love to see come to a premium member. Bigger stipend, being able to own a lowly 512 & still get al inden house, classes & educational opportunities just for members. We can think bigger then an exclusive gift & a sandbox people.
  2. "I would suggest adding two more ratings: Adult only (similar to G: no adult content, but adults only) and Teens only. This will probably benefit both 18+ and teens." Jeroen Walsman Very good thinking! I'm against the interaction of adults & teens on SL for numerous reasons I've already mentioned. I do like the thinking of creating a few more ratings into the mix to help sort out things.
  3. I was always under the same impression about profiles also. But I've never actually known anyone to majoly follow a PG profile rule. Especially friends who are in the adult industry. Many advertise their adult businesses in the their picks and/or in classfieds. (We've all seen some pretty "adult" oriented pictures in classifieds). Since you can access someones classified ad from their profile then I'm guessing that PG profiles are more of an idea then actually ever followed or enforced (I know there are people who have probably been reported for their profiles but I've never known anyone to get into any trouble or actually be reported do to profile content and/or pictures). How would one go about advertising their adult business in their profiles if they were forced to stick to a PG profile rule? (Curiosity Question #1 LOL) Curiosity Question #2 Has anyone ever seen a rule about what pictures are OK & not OK in a classified ad, even marked "adult"? Since they are linked to the person who put the ad out in the their profile I am actually curious as to what the rules are. (Never had a reason to look this up before) Especially with a grid merger looming over our heads.
  4. This brings up a few very valid questions. *What are you going to do about the "adult" profiles some residents have on Second Life (Nudity, adult language & situations, advertising for adult business, etc.) Are you planning on safeguarding them from reading adult profiles? Are you going to censor & force residents to change their profiles? (Which is a bad move for those who own adult businesses or work in the adult industry & use their profiles to pass on information, etc.) *What are you going to do to protect us, the adults, of Second Life? I agree with the other comments on knowing the age of someone. What are you going to do to protect us? Make their profiles like many licenses in the United States. Completely different looking to be able to tell when one is on a teen account & one is on an adult account? *Have you been to many of the G rated areas of Second Life recently? There isn't a day that goes by where I don't see a resident in lack of clothing or being led around by a master wearing slave silks & a leash. (I am NOT starting a discussion on lifestyles, etc. on SL. I'm just stating what many of us see on a daily bases in a G area to point out that just because a place is G does not mean that all residents act like it is.) I came to SL almost four years ago for the opportunity to express myself, be creative, & be with adults. Keyword: Adults. I feel extremely uncomfortable to be pushed into a place where I will have to interact with teens in G rated areas (To stop an argument before it starts I like to go to sl parks. I like many shops that are in G areas. I write on various SL things & go everywhere for it. Not going to a G area is not an option nor should it ever be). As a parent I wouldn't want my kid befriending adults in an open virtual world. To me it seems like a very unwise & unsafe move.
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