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  1. How can I determine the complexity of my avatar?

    Whenever you change what your avatar is wearing, or add or remove one of your avatar's attachments, a small notice appears in the upper right corner of your screen to tell you your avatar's new complexity value.

    If you don't mind that other Residents may not see your avatar and you wish to stop receiving these notices, you can disable the message Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high in the Notifications tab of the Preferences window, which may be accessed by choosing Me > Preferences.


    Setting Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high to "Never show" will not stop these notices. This will only stop the "over limit" feedback about if other avatars are rendering you as a JellyDoll on the region or not.


    To disable the notifications stating your complexity  that appear each time you add or remove an attachment you have to set the debug setting ShowMyComplexityChanges to zero.



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