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  1. Is there a way to detect if you have been targeted by a script? I'm playing some of the combat games in SL and people have follen into using followers quite a lot to make sure they win. Would be great to find a way to detect this. Thanks D
  2. It seems to do more. It allows people to jump and then jump again instantly with no pause. Also if you time this right it can cause your avatar to jump in excess of 15 to 20 meters. Additionally, people with the feature on seem to be able to run a little faster than those who do not even though no appreciable increase can be detected using the over speed detection scripts. Simply removing animations could not lead to these issues. Any devs around that might be able to tell us how this works under the hood and explain the super jumps etc?
  3. A few viewers, Phoenix and Singularity to name a few, have a feature called Nimble. I know this feature allows you to jump quicker and removes hard landings, but I expect that there is more to this than just that. However, I cannot find this feature documented anywhere. Does anyone out there have a full understanding of the feature, what it does and how it works? Anything would be helpful. Thanks, Dillon
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