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  1. Kotari, Thank you for taking the time to reply, but I am afraid that you didn't address my questions. What you said makes perfect sense to me if I were asking why textures/objects take longer in SL to load than in WoW, but that was not the question. The question is why the number of textures/objects would affect the way that they load--in other words, the problems with textures failing to rez completely, objects, especially sculpts, not rendering properly, avatars failing to load, etc. If all textures and all objects are rezzed by the same software (in a given viewer), the number of differ
  2. TriloByte, I have heard that sort of statement about games like WoW for years... and I still don't quite understand the reasoning. I'm probably misunderstanding what you mean but let me just ask: 1. In what way does the number of different textures/objects have anything to do with the way in which they are rendered? Aren't all textures rendered by the same engine(s)? Aren't all objects rendered by the same engine(s)? The server feeds information into the viewer, why does it matter how many different textures/objects there may be? 2. In connection with #1, aren't all avatars th
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