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  1. I have the same problem .. and it only just started recently. Ive tried to use other viewers and the same thing happens. Every time i take off anything i get that error message about failed to find the shoe base in the data base. I dont even have the same shoe base on.
  2. I have the same issue when Im trying to put up some meeroo nests for sale. They are transfer only. I get the error on merchant outbox when trying to upload them. I tried the magic box also and it lets me upload them that way but doesn't allow me to list list them. Has Linden Labs changed something on marketplace having to do with that?? I use to see my bunny nests on the marketplace in past. One or more of the specified products could not be listed. - this is the message I get when I try to hit the list button for the item. Hurry Up Change! Fashion & Photo Art in Second Life
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