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  1. http://kingdomofeelry.weebly.com/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madagascar/137/136/2000 ☪ Brief Lore of the Kingdom of Eerly ☪ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ Darkness, the sun rarely every shines through the dark thick clouds preventing the light from getting in. The shadows only grow as the fires diminish, their grip tightening on the land as the New King and Queen have taken the throne. The once plagued land seems to be prospering again, the guilds are growing strong as they all struggle for power. The clerics try to remain a beacon of hope for those within the land but the question is rising; Do the people even care that darkness is taking over? Or are they glad for they have finally found pleasure, freedom and power? People wander into the village, the castle towering above all but is there anyone out there to help sway the power? ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░ ░░░✠ Based loosely on the era of the 11th century ✠The Sun rarely ever breaks through the dark skies ✠ Kingdom is ruled by a newly self claimed King and Queen. ✠ The Guilds are growing more powerful... ✠ The forest is filled with music and life by the power of the druids. . ✠ The Castle and Village have been rebuilt and expanded... ✠ Darkness is growing more powerful ✠ The Strong are growing stronger and the weak growing weaker.. ✠Dragons are growing all the more powerful.. ✠New Lands are opening their trade routes now the plague has gone..
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  5. im looking for anyone willing to play Dungeons and Dragons on a medieval fantasy sim called kingdom of eelry
  6. Looking for people to rp as a giant, giant-kin, or viking.... for more info please IM me in world at tichman2 aeon Ordning of Jotunheimr "For honor and glory to anaam the all father, we will watch his offspring and protect them with all that we can and provide for them" ~~~~~~All Giants do have a humanoid form when out of there element mainly to protect the sim for lag reason~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The ordning is the social structure to which all giants adhere. it is similar to a class-based society, but is much more specific, assigning a social rank to each individual. Therefore, each individual giant knows which others giants are inferior and superior to himself, and no giants are equal to other giants. Each type of giant uses a different combination of skills or qualities to determine the ordning. Giants believe excelling in these skills to be the purpose of their lives. Annam All-Father, creator of giants, is seen as the ultimate in each of these skills. In all cases, advancement is made by challenging a superior, but different type of giant use different systems and restrictions upon advancement. It is considered an evil (maug) act to show disrespect to a superior giant. This can be mocking, betrayal, disobedience or a number of other behaviours. The ordning applies to individual tribes, but it is an insult to treat a higher-ranked giant from another tribe as an inferior. Between different types of giant, there is a totally separate system, and even the lowest ranked giant of one type is superior to the highest ranked giant of an inferior type, but importantly, it is not considered evil to betray a giant of another type, merely rude. Titans are the highest in the ordning, followed by storm giants, cloud giants, fog giants, fire giants, frost giants, stone giants, mountain giants, hill giants, ettins, giant-kin and finally ogres. Rules of the Ordning of Jotunheimr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -A set of rules are places upon a tablet of stone upon the side of the throne of the King.- 1. Jotann are creatures of Wisdom but strength, so any fight among brothers and sisters can be solved with a challenge of battle outside the very lands of the kin. The Duel is of honor, so is one on one, as to avoid inside faction wars. 2. Any non Jotann creature that is not 'Proven' or considered an ally of the kin may not receive a respectful treatment and can be judged about their intentions by anyone of the kin. The information of this arriving the King, Queen or Hersir is a must. 3. We are builders and forgers and creators even if we also are fighters. Anyone with a proposal for any of these tasks, can be considered a neutral party and therefore a potential customer. 4. Giants can and will most of the time ask for Tribute for the races weaker than them, many will provide such and some others might cause conflict. This is a measure to collect Proven people to our kin. 5. Anyone whom attacks a Jotunn without a reason, be it verbally, physically or by the effects of magic or substances shall be considered a foe, and will and can be Hunted by any member of the Kingdom of Giants, even Proven can participate of it Other Races ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are many races that have been blessed by anaam the all father and have been watched over by the giants, these races have there own formal hierarchy but they submit to the giants and anaam the all father • Aasimar - Aasimar bore the mark of their celestial touch through many different physical features that often varied from individual to individual. Most commonly, aasimar were very similar to humans, like tieflings and other planetouched. Nearly all aasimar were uncommonly beautiful and still, and they were often significantly taller than humans as well. While several aasimar were immediately identifiable as such, others were even less distinguishable than tieflings from their human ancestors, commonly standing out with only one unusual feature. Most aasimar had pupil-less pale white, gray, or golden eyes or silver hair, but those descended from planetars could also have emerald skin, while those descended from avoral celestials might have feathers mixed in with their hair. Those descended from ghaeles often had pearly opalescent eyes. Solar-descended aasimars often had brilliant topaz eyes instead or silvery or golden skin and devas with couatl or lillend lineage most commonly had small, iridescent scales. Many aasimar also had a light covering of feathers on their shoulders, where an angel's wings might sprout. As in tieflings, aasimar bloodlines could sometimes run dormant for generations, reemerging after being hidden for some time. •Genasi were physically similar to humans in many ways, standing between 5'7" and 6'2" on average, just slightly taller than the average human. Weighing between 130 and 225 lbs on average, genasi were often also a fair bit heavier, though not significantly so. In all other ways, genasi were very distinctive from their human cousins. Genasi were in a constant state of elemental energy, having no “neutral” state they could fall back on. Each genasi had a native elemental state, known as a “manifestation,” which was passed down to them through their ancestry. A few learned to master more than one manifestation. Unlike many planetouched races, genasi generally took pride in their unusual features •Dwarves are a short race, as their name implies, standing from 4'3" – 4'9" (1.3 – 1.45 meters) on average, with gold dwarves a bit shorter.What Dwarves lack in height they make up for in bulk; they are, on average, about as heavy as humans. A dwarf can weigh anywhere from about 160 – 220 lbs (73 – 100 kg). Dwarven males are a bit taller and heavier than their female counterparts. Like humans, dwarves have a wide variety of skin, eye, and hair colors, typically pale among shield dwarves and deeply tanned or brown amongst gold dwarves. Hazel eyes are common throughout the race, with blue eyes more common amongst shield dwarves and brown or green eyes found amongst the gold dwarves •Humans - Humans are widespread, can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas. •Orcs - Orcs vary in appearance, based on region and subrace, but all share certain physical qualities. Orcs of all kinds usually have grayish skin, coarse hair, stooped postures, low foreheads, large muscular bodies, and porcine faces that feature lower canines that resemble boar tusks. Many also have wolf-like ears that are pointed on the ends, similar to elves. Orcs are roughly the same size as humans. •Fae - Fey were creatures from the Feywild. Many were typified as having supernatural abilities and a connection to nature or to some other force or place. The language of the fey was called Sylvan. Fae, or faeries, as many liked to be called, were creatures of any size, shape, texture, or smell, that exemplified and inhabited natural wonder. They went by many names, like "Green Folk", "Fair Folk", "People of Peace", sometimes "Wee folk". They were ruled by noble eladrins and other archfey. Types of Giants ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Cloud Giant - is a large member of the giant race. Cloud giants have vision that extends into the infrared (although this is not infravision) which allows them to see particularly well through fog and cloud. They also have an excellent sense of smell. Cloud giants are sky-dwelling giants with pale skin and sky-blue hair. Adults are about 18 feet tall and weigh about 5,000 pounds. They tend to dress in flowing cloud-colored robes and fine jewelry. These giants prefer to live in the tallest mountains, or even higher if possible. Those with magical talent often create floating castles or cities in which to dwell, held aloft in the sky atop a mass of clouds. Cloud giants all possess some control over their namesake, being able to summon forth a cloud of fog and mist at will. • Storm Giant - A storm giant stands over 20 feet tall and weighs 12,000 lbs., they tend to wear fine tunics and belted sandals. When they enter battle, storm giants don bronze breastplates and Corinthian helmets. Storm giants are the most powerful of giant-kind; their power is near that of the ancient titans. Much like a violent storm, a storm giant is prone to sudden bouts of violence and mood swings. They are brutal and dangerous foes who wield the power of weather and can hurl lightning with a gesture. Storm giants make their homes on isolated islands or along coastal regions of the world. Despite their temperamental behavior, these beings are the most civilized of the giant races. They will even engage in trade with communities of small folk. • Frost Giant - Almost always evil creatures, these giants stand 15' (4.6m) tall and weigh around 2800lbs (1270kg). They have white skin and either blue or dirty yellow hair and wear skins or pelts, along with jewelery they own. Their eye color usually matches their hair color. In combat, frost giants will hurl rocks and then close in with battleaxes. They are immune to cold, but particularly vulnerable to fire, and have low-light vision. Their power visual senses extend into a higher end of the visible spectrum, allowing them to see more easily through snow and blizzards than other creatures. They will take prisoners if possible. • Hill Giant - Hill giants were short and stocky in comparison to other giants. They were extremely muscular, capable of hurling boulders up to 300 lbs. through the air. The reason hill giants appeared to be more muscular than other giants was because of their shorter limbs, but taller giants, such as fomorians, were still much more powerful. • Stone Giant - Adult stone giants average about 12 feet in height and weigh 1,500 pounds. Stone giants prefer to fight using ranged weapons such as boulders but if forced into melee they wield gigantic stone clubs. Stone giants have an excellent sense of smell and have infravision to 200 feet (60 m). • Fire Giant - Fire giants are around 12' (3.66m) tall and dwarf-like in appearance and build, with orange or red hair and very dark skin, weighing around 7,000lbs (3175kg). They prefer to live in hot environments like volcanic areas, either in caverns or castles, and exist in societies often led by a king or a queen. Their clothing is usually flame-coloured or black, and singed, and their armor is steel. Fire giants will use magically flaming weapons if possible, and attack with rocks heated in fire or lava. They favour the taking of captives and will often take payments from less powerful creatures in the surrounding area in exchange for not attacking them. Although fire giants are immune to fire, they are particularly vulnerable to cold. A fire giant's vision is particularly well adapted to cope with the shimmering associated with high temperatures •Craa'Ghoran giant - Rare stone giant offshoots created when earth elemental energy warped and twisted their ancestors. They can glide and walk right through stone like earth elementals and raise walls of stone from the ground with their supernatural powers. They resemble tanned, bestial and deformed versions of stone giants. •Desert giant - In the past desert giants were numerous and lived in the deserts of Zakhara, but their number was decreased by a curse of the gods, which slowly but steadily turns them to stone. Being they are shepherds, they often travel with their herds. In the past they had built a great civilization but it has since succumbed to the ravages of time. Many desert giants, even the young often have an aged appearance due to the constant exposure to desert storms. They have dark hair and blue eyes, which turn brown before the giant turns to stone. The females cover their faces in a veil. They can live to about 400 years old and typically stand 17” tall and weigh about 7,000 pounds •Death giant - Once elemental beings, Death giants relocated to the Shadowfell, where they evolved as soul-harvesting creatures. They now have little or no ties to the Elemental Chaos and rarely associate with other kinds of giants. •Eldritch giant - These ancient giants spend their years seeking out fragments of knowledge. •Jungle giant - subsist on a diet composed entirely of meat. Jungle giants roam the jungles of Zakhara quickly hunting all the prey in an area before quickly moving on to the next stretch of jungle. Jungle giants stand 18’ tall and can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. Male jungle giants typically stand shorter than females. Jungle giants can live to 200 years old. With light green hair and yellow skin, their lean but powerful frames blend easily into the jungles they call home. Every jungle giant carries all necessities required for life in the jungle, as well as any valuables they possess with them. They speak their own language plus those of any nearby humanoids. Some jungle giants will tattoo themselves, file their teeth to points and wear feathered headdresses to appear as frightening as possible. Jungle giants wear little clothing to provide ease of movement when fighting or stalking in the jungle. They will camouflage themselves when hunting dangerous prey. •Ocean giant - A merfolk-like giant that can assume a more humanoid form to walk on land. •Reef giant - Reef giants had white hair and coppery skin. They were more barrel-chested than other giants from swimming through the ocean water. •Sand giant - A people of disciplined, honorable giant desert dwellers who live in stable communities which are often isolated. •Sun giant - A grim, nomadic desert-dwelling giant that survives by raising livestock. • Ettin - Ettin are giants with two heads that are capable of independent thought and can each control one arm for attacking. Typically, an ettin fights with two weapons, such as a morningstar and javelin • Firbolg - The firbolg is a reclusive type of giant-kin that prefers to avoid contact with other sentient races. They are the most intelligent of the giant-kin. Amongst their own kind, they live in colonies, which are usually found in forests or caverns and watched by guard towers. Although they do farm, they prefer a more hunter-gatherer lifestyle, rather than the brigand/raider lifestyle of many other giants. Firbolgs resemble humans, and the males sport great, thick beards. Their skin is pink, and their hair, though it comes in many colors, is usually either red or blonde. Firbolgs see the wearing of armor as cowardly, and thus; do not wear armor. • Voadkyn - are a kind of giant-kin sometimes also known as wood giants. Voadkyn resemble wood elves and have a kinship with them. A large population live with the wood elves and the treants in the Cold Wood. They have the ability to magically disguise themselves as any humanoid or giant creature. Voadkyn believe themselves to be superior to the other giants and giant-kin and believe that they are unfairly placed near to the bottom of the ordning in terms of racial status. They dislike jovial behaviour and prefer brooding and silence. Voadkyn respect their forest environment and take it upon themselves to tend to it, creating vast landscaped gardens and large labyrinths. • Verbeegs - were giant-kin and were also sometimes known as human behemoths because they resembled humans more than any other giant race. Verbeeg were accomplished spear fighters. A verbeeg was usually chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. They were typically smarter than most other types of giants, and were often found leading or bullying hill giants and ogres.They used their extreme cunning to their advantage where possible.The treacherous nature of verbeegs made such treachery the primary skill where the ordning was concerned. To advance in ranks, a verbeeg had to discredit or defeat a superior, by violence or any other means. Verbeegs had no concept of ownership and believed that everything was owned by everyone, so they took whatever they wanted without pause to think about it. • Fomorians - are the "most hideous and wicked of all giantkind." They are hideously deformed and misshapen, but the random positioning of their sense organs gives them keen perception. Fomorians have no loyalty beyond those they fear and seek the enslavement of all creatures, particularly other fey. •Cyclopes are one of the smallest type of giant-kin, standing only 12 ft (3.7 m) and weigh 1200 lb (544.3 kg), but are as strong as the average stone giant. Both males and females are bald and have spiked heads instead of hair. Cyclopes have earthy skin tones that blend with their surroundings. Their eye tends to be the same as the color of their skin. The most peculiar and distinguishing thing about cyclopes is the fact that they only have one large eye in the middle of their forehead. This eye is rumored to cause fear in any who look at it. Their one-eye gives them poor depth perception therefore they can't use missile weapons very well •Ogres appeared as giant humanoids with very muscular bodies and large heads. They stood between 9 and 10 feet tall and could weigh 600 to 650 lbs
  7. Factions Letum Harbourage -For any who choose to reside in or frequently play and support the city. Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) The Spirit Wilds -For those who choose to reside in or frequently play and support the forest. Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Cragskill Mountain -For those who choose to reside in or frequently play and support the mountain. Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) The Court of Shadows- For those who choose to reside in or frequently play and support the keep, undercity, crypts, graveyard or surrounding areas. Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) The Brotherhood -For those who wish to be part of the few who reside within the Sept of Many Lights, actively taking part of their quests and habits. Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) Council Member - (open) ----Please note that council member positions are obtained and held via rp they are not handed out as trinkets----
  8. Are you tired of locked factions where the leaders are never there? Are you tired of roleplay hitting a halt? Here at Shadows of Letum we let the player drive the story, many will rise and fall in the faction ranks as coupes take place. This medieval-Fantasy has something to offer for all those seeking the thrill whether it be the giant, dragon or mighty lycan to the mystic faes and wandering gypsies... Take a look at our wonderfully hand crafted build made for the players by the players, if you are interested please visit http://shadowsofletumsl.weebly.com/ Shadows of Letum is a freeform rp medieval-fantasy with D&D based races and unlocked factions for those who wish to conquer factions through rp, gain followers through long hauled rp and keep hold of it, or if youre not popular with the massives or gone for long periods of time you can be usurped from your throne http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pandemonium/146/73/3802
  9. Looking to buy Full Region for $350 OBO... Will purchase on May 14, 2015.... Please Contact in-world
  10. Looking to buy Full Region for $350 OBO... Will purchase on May 14, 2015.... Please Contact in-world
  11. Gang Name: Rage Virus Gang Leader: Rhage "The Skull" Krolmskull Gang Marker: A Skull in the Form of Clothing, Tattoos or Jewelry Gang Trade: ABLs(Narcotics) and Prostitution Gang Mentality: Freedom Fighters, Drug Addicts, Terrorists Gang Background: Rhage"The Skull" Krolmskull was born in 2050 during the establishment of the MJB, During his childhood he saw the MJB as a icon that supported his family until the congress passed the common sense laws which allowed most crimes to go unchecked, he saw his parents die infront of him at a young age due to drug addiction, As he grew up in metroplex 17 he began to fill with hatred and descent for everything that was law and order... when he reached the age of 25 he began fighting back against the MJB and the various other corporations that were affiliated with them, one was Verisec where he had gotten his hands on a skillsoft chip and managed to engineer it into a ABLs(A Better Life) chip where he started selling those to the very city that had killed his parent with drug addiction, as he was working on engineering the ABLs chips, he had tested one of them himself, it ended up being a very bad chip and caused him to relive seeing his parents mentality deteriorate due to the living conditions and he helplessly watched them die over and over again due to drug abuse....to further his cause of lashing out against the laws that he had deemed useless and the police force that cared little about the population, he dawned the Alias "Skull" and formed the "Rage Virus" Street Gang.... Years later he had met Kerri"The Reaper" and begun dating her and had setup a front at tobias Ink For more information on the sim refer too http://www.era-of-salvation.com/(will be opening at the end of january) For more information on the gang please contact Rhage Krolmskull(Tichman2 Aeon)
  12. We still have lead roles, and Co-owner spots available AI - (Chosen Specifically by Tichman2 Aeon) Central Command Commander - Tichman2 Aeon Central Command Official - Central Command Special Forces Officer - Captain - Head of Personnel - Head of Security - Chief Engineer - Erin Jade Research Director - Fox Paragorn Chief Medical Officer - Ariana Donner Syndicate Leader - Selene Weatherwax
  13. Im looking to buy a full region.. please leave a message on here or send me a IM in world
  14. A New Sim currently in the making is looking for the initial active core admins, mods and faction leaders... Looking for a Co-owners or 2 aswell must be willing to contribute in the tier... The Backstory goes as this! Long Ago On July 6th, 1948 Earth gets its first contact with an alien civilization in the last few thousand years. It's cleverly leaked, downplayed, shuffled and muddied by government forces from across the planet until the time when the public is ready for admission of the event, almost a full century after the incident first began to encroach on public imagination. Five hundred years before Space Station 13 is built -- July 6th, 2050 -- the United Earth government provides complete and frank proof of extraterrestrial life in the universe. They also provide proof that, as far as a human mind can understand one so completely foreign to its way of thinking, this life is hostile. Mankind is no longer alone. Mankind is no longer supreme. The Chinese-dominated United Earth forces focus the many resources of the polluted and dying Earth to flee into the cold void. The larger Dwarf Planets are colonized and generational colony ships are launched into deep space. Research is done into fringe physics, most of the secrets of the Universe being turned towards terraforming or "defense" from xenos species. Compared to most sentients human beings breed like rats and the plague of new life they bring with them everywhere they go tends to blight out that which was. In this new infinite sea religion does all but disappear and the vast distances humanity spreads sees a return to defacto autonomous feudalism. For the next two hundred years the forces of Earth spread like wildfire across the Milky Way, stretching farther down Her spiraling arms with each generation of both humanity and technology. The Void Wars and the Great Schism A few generations of humanity war between themselves for dominance and other alien species for survival. Most xenos encountered during this time are wiped out entirely, genocide and planet cracking having become a staple of human warfare. There comes a time when even nostalgia has been lost for Earth and the yellow sun she circles and any resemblance to a united species is gone. When there is so little little external threat anymore humanity faces its wrath inwards again. Records from this time are sporadic and first-hand accounts muddied by rumor and propaganda but it is clear that this is no golden age of peace. The reasons why are lost to time, but it was not a xenos threat that shook humanity down. It was that which shook humanity since time immemorial -- war. The vast wormhole highways that kept humanity in contact with itself were bombed on both ends. Humanity was lost in the void and ravaged by hellfire and slaughter from all sides; from all fronts; from all faces. For many decades technology and history are lost and bastardized in a vast anarchy. Different sects of humanity, separated by unfathomable gulfs of empty space, take different approaches to restoring order. In this time several xenos species encroach on space previously held by humanity, even those systems closest to Sol. Far from this center, in the fringes of inhabited space, it is not traditional government but megacorporations that rule. Far too vast for oversight they are interplanetary nations onto themselves, ones without borders and without scruples. For two hundred years they have fought for space dollars and intellectual properties, content to let those old portals to humanity far gone lay derelict in the vacuum. Modern Day This is one of those regions of space turned towards the almighty space dollar. The year is 2550. Piracy and despotism is technically lower than in most areas of war-torn human-occupied space, though the people still feel by and large oppressed and unsafe. Nanotrasen Nanotrasen's corporate logo Nanotrasen Systems, or simply Nanotrasen, is the largest manufacturer and employer in known space, though not by much. Their business practices and fabulous wealth have garnered both power and ire from interest groups and other corporations. Their company laws are the standard by benefit of inter-corporate agreements and simple mathematics of weight. In 2541 stocks began to fall and Nanotrasen began to fear their days of dominance were nearing their end. Research teams scrambled while the supercorp invested in their military forces, sending waves of panic through both market and populace. In 2543 a Nanotrasen mining company, Silar Group, made a discovery in a sunless system -- massive gas giants of a strange purple vapor with untold properties. Rapid research revealed it to be a powerful energy source, and Nanotrasen was revitalized through secret projects surrounding the substance. Plasma, as it came to be called because of its ease of gaining incredible heat, was only found in large amounts in this one region of space and around dead or missing star systems. Nanotrasen became the largest seller and researcher and still holds this position in the current year of 2550 through a system of jealous guarding and corporate espionage of secrets. Central Command The home office of Nanotrasen's day to day affairs, CentCom is a secure and centralized space station at a classified location. Everything about them is thorough and professional, and to date there have been no successful attacks or infiltrations reported to the company newsletter. It comes fully stocked and self-sufficient at all times and is a safe haven for all employees of Nanotrasen's many holdings. As powerful as it may seem, it still lacks some of the more experimental technologies found on some of their more remote research stations, such as an advanced neural programming lab or a cloning bay to replace lost employees. Syndicate A vast criminal enterprise of revolutionaries, pirates, and corporate-sponsored no-goods, the Syndicate is a force much feared in the region and has proved time and again too wily and resilient to be taken down. They seem unusually focused on Nanotrasen and their plasma production at a level which no one in living memory can recall seeing before. Their reasons why are shrouded in mystery and enigma, but chances are good it's all about money and spite -- and with access to new and rare technologies that even the supercorp cannot obtain, Nanotrasen has lost many an enterprise to Syndicate machinations. Space Wizard Federation Although not technically part of the criminal syndicate, they fulfill a similar role. They are a parasitic and criminal enterprise of self-serving mutants that have achieved an intrinsic natural control over many universal physical processes. Or they are a violent and expansive group of high-tech criminal masterminds with a flair for theatrics. Or they're performing actual magic, but that's just plain ridiculous. Only the lowest of planet-side rubes would believe in real wizards. For one reason or another these humans of incredible and unknowable power have decided to band together and use their gifts for evil. They steal, they kill, they obliterate and break out of jail. There is never a moment when a space wizard is not being sought out by supercorporate security forces to either be imprisoned or used to their own ends. Nanotrasen, however, is one of the few powers that refuse to interact with the space wizard federation, and their constant rocking of the boat and denouncement has become a dagger in the side of these magical miscreants. Central Command has taken to warning all stations daily of wizard attacks from anyone who is even remotely close to their systems. Cult of the Elder Gods The Cult of the Elder Gods is highly untrusted but otherwise elusive religious organization bent on the revival of the so-called "Elder Gods" into the mortal realm. Despite their obviously dangerous practices, no confirmed reports of violence by members of the Cult have been reported, only rumor and unproven claims. Their nature is unknown, but recent discoveries have hinted to the possibility of being able to de-convert members of this cult through what has been dubbed "religious warfare". The Derelict Station Hidden deep inside Nanotrasen space is a mysterious station known simply as 'The Derelict': another plasma research station of unknown design and builder. The station was allegedly built by the third uprising of the Soviet Union, however, rumor has it that it is a former Nanotrasen station and in fact the predecessor to the current research station. Any dark secrets that it holds are a complete mystery. Space Station 13 Deep in space in distant orbit of a nearby gas giant that exhibits strange properties, Space Station 13 was built. Only the most professional of experts and personnel have been staffed here and its secrecy of construction and location guarantee it to be a safe and productive experience. Reasons for Existence Plasma research, especially exothermic potential: dedicated science teams on hand for this purpose at all times. It is implied that Space Station 12 had even more. Since Space Station 13's construction, tighter regulations on research limits have been drafted in this field, bringing up a lot of questions from high-ranked employees. Genetic research: Nanotrasen has a lot invested into military and security groups. Those modifications which could give their forces a leg up in both being hired and maintaining control would prove extremely valuable. Blue Space research: teleportation technology has been rediscovered from before the Schism. Wormhole travel, the industry standard, is dangerous and prone to incorrect destinations. Existence of a parallel universe of proportionate size and filled with blue radiation has been recently uncovered, and both the properties of this mysterious area and the hazards of the technology used to access it need to be found out. For this reason, teleportation rigs have been provided and miniaturized versions of these devices have been placed in secure areas. Artificial Intelligence field testing: a new generation of thinking machine has been developed. Rumor has it that it's based on theoretical human brain designs, though darker rumors say that actual brains taken from unwilling 'volunteers' are used in either the production or maintenance of these new systems. The newest version of one of several available models has been graciously provided by CentCom and entrusted with the electronic systems on board the station. No errors are expected and psychorobotic specialists have been provided for station convenience among the engineering staff. Secondary directives: while a particular use has yet to be determined for the new station at this time, you can expect to see the station become used as a mining outpost, refueling station, supply depot, prison work release program, or some other application before activation is complete. Features Self-sufficient environment! Fully stocked medical bay! Advanced immortality measures! A courteous and helpful security staff! The latest and safest energy systems! Behold the wonders of scientific advancement! Olympic sized pool and lavish corporate housing!
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