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  1. Ebbe, I have to ask....after reading this and other message boards you replied to, you have yet to answer the one burning question I have....what incentives will there be for people to migrate from SL1 to SL2? Other than it being "a new shiny SQUIRREL" type of thing? ~~~Torlok
  2. Mony Lindman wrote: Bet solution would be to do it like High Fidelity : sims hosted on the user's computer. Then with the money i save not having to pay tier 1 or 2 months i could buy a kick ass new computer and host a lot of sims on it This would not be a good solution in most instances, and disastourous in others. Take, for example, sims dedicated to housing and rental land. The sheer number of scripts running at once would be taxing on even the most up to date, high end personal computers. If you want proof, go to a club that the sim resides on one of the newer servers. Even it chugs,
  3. The only logical solution would be to invest in all new servers. Lets face it, their current servers (aside from the ones opened up in the last year or two) are barely chugging along as it is. It would be equivalent to taking the original servers from beta and trying to run the current incarnation of SL1 on them and not expect problems from the get go. But hey, I could very well be wrong, and it would not be the first time that a company failed to do what is logical in favor of saving a few dollars. ~~Torlok
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