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  1. Hey all Wow this thread has gone quite hectic, I never thought I'd generate so much conversation Which is a good thing! I've figured out the mesh body thing - not bought any (yet) but I get the whole hud thing and bento hands. Seriously though, yes it's kinda more realistic but I do like the old vintage look too, call me nostalgic but it feels so much more complex right now. Back in the old days I remember hanging out with deliberately-noob looking people going down hills in a shopping trolley or just exploring places for the sake of just exploring. It all seems so serious now more civilised I guess despite the adult content going AFK (lol?) The RP side of it seems to be less metric oriented and more text based. I am unsure if I want to go that route yet as it takes a lot of work and effort to create a keep a story alive. That's fine for 2008 me but today it's more likely that SL will be occasional/casual as opposed to my number 1 hobby (as it used to be) Ok I'll keep some of my inventory there, thank you for all the wonderful advice, please keep on debating things as I love reading you all
  2. Hahahah - no I'm in GMT hours and it all happened overnight And yes I've sparked many more responses than I expected. wow. Thank you all for the excellent replies. So I'm not gutted so to speak, if anything gutting is the amount of stuff in my wardrobe that is irrelevant today - which I had paid for. Suppose everything is still useable, that being said, for some reasons when I try to wear something that was a jacket layer (you know in clothes you have the undershirt, shirt and jacket layer right?) everytime I try a jacket clothing I crash. Actually when I try a full outfit from the old days, I crash. So I'll need to do more shopping if I want to have at least another option in addition to the new avatar standard clothing. By the way - do "classic" and "system" refer to the standard SL avatar? Other than that I agree, I have to unlearn everything and relearn again, I suppose. I'm not sure I'll go really geeky about all the avatar thing but I guess a minimum just to have some options. I never spent a penny in SL because I had a job and I was building at the time (when it was still prim based and lots of ok scripts where available for free) but with no real commitment to spending hours in SL anymore, that doesn't seem like it's going to be an option. Oh well. Info on mesh etc seems quite clear, thank you all. Now it's on my end to do the reading homework. I went to get a demo Maitreya body, then tried a demo trousers for Maitreya shape, yet it didn't fit (i.e you see patches of skin outside of the trousers, you know what I mean) There's surely more I need to learn, unsure why it did that. Unless I need to put the alpha on my legs? lol. RE: Roleplay, I'll check zCs - sounds probably like something similar nowadays. Thank you! I've never been into BDSM or sex in here so not really relevant but i've read about RLV lol lol that really took it to the next stage. I hope there are still people who come here for something other than their darkest deviances. Who knows I might be a dreamer here
  3. Hi all This is my first post in the forum actually. I left SL in 2009 after about 2 years due to me moving abroad and taking with me only an old laptop that really couldn't handle the viewer. A few days ago I logged back with my current laptop - out of curiosity. I have to say OMG this has changed dramatically to the point that I am completely confused and feel so lost! First the avatars. What are Mesh avatars? What are mesh clothes, what is rigged vs non rigged mesh? What is bento? What are maitreya, Slink etc? I have my old avatar which I then decided to give up for one of the standard avatars you get as a newb. To be honest it's not a big loss because all my clothes and beautiful outfits from the past are prim heavy and don't really work anymore. I want to go buy new clothes but I'm confused about the mesh thing, I got some demos from shops but they don't fit and I understand things are non mod to make bigger etc (or i'd suck at it anyway) Second, sims. Where is everyone? Of course I didn't expect my old favourite hangout spots to still exist but I can't seem to find a lot of sims anymore bar the sex ones. Where are all the communities, the popular hangouts, it seems so empty, but maybe because I'm like a newbie again I suppose? When I left I had about 140 friends, I've only seen 1 logged in regularly, and I've also noticed that group members from groups i belong to had not logged in for years. Is SL dying somehow? Third, roleplay and meter based fighting. Is CCS dead? I've seen a few CCS called sims but are they really? My hud and meter return errors, where has this gone? Are people not really using SL for combat anymore? I saw bloodlines is still there though, damnit! lol Anyway - it's like I'm lost, really, and gutted, so if anyone has any newbie documentation to explain avatars, all the new things like mesh etc vs the old school SL, and any other resources to bring me back to speed I'd really appreciate it, either in world or here, I'd be very grateful. Thank you for reading (my frustration)
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