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  1. just want to say well done and thank you to Gavin. We have over 60 purchases that were received and paid for that are in the dreaded holding pattern so far and have sent a detailed transaction list with our ticket,good advice btw Darrius. If it wasn't for the merchant community and people like Gavin solving all the complex issues that keep on coming I'm not sure were we would be honestly so well done Gavin you deserve an award and a job offer from LL lol not that you would want it . :-)
  2. We converted over to the DD system during the last 3 days by simply placing the same boxed products from old market boxes still boxed to DD and during the past 3 days have had huge numbers of "Being Delivered" transactions followed up with customers to find they had all received the product without issues but i hadn't been paid for any of the transactions then tested with ourselves and staff purchasing the same products only to find that we also received them right away but i wasn't paid for any of the transactions and they all went into the "Being Delivered" holding pattern.I personally dont think this is an issue of how a merchant did the changeover but more a pot luck of when they did the changeover at any given moment during the day and what code was doing or being played with at that time by LL.We have filed a ticket contacted concierge and voted on Supers jira an i imagine are due for a run around on the phone Monday morning.I know something similar took place during Valentines weekend but it seems unless big numbers of merchants get vocal with them about an issue not much is done the deal with it let alone acknowledge it exists.In the end i guess Im really just posting so the other victims to this latest problem don't feel its just them being touched by the random market glitch demon.
  3. The issue is that the skeleton is so small that the default Maya joint size is huge. Go to Window>Setting/Preference>Kinematics and then go with joint size 0.03 or just use the slider to adjust.Be warned though if you sourced that skeleton from one of the forums and its called "Working Skeleton" we tried that and its size and rotation are correct but the skeleton itslef has been massively altered from the Sl default. Its arms, head and neck are very elongated etc.We basically dicided to start from scratch and size down our own version to try and make the nightmare that is Sl mesh stop for even just a minute
  4. Thanks Ashasekayi, I was using 2.49 so illl update and try again :-) .Really love your mesh vids by the way, very detailed and well thought out well done.Can't wait to see you do one on how you made the shirt :-)
  5. Really nice of you Gaia your a gem for being so giving and its really appreciated trust me . Only thing is im trying to open it in my Jass Pro and it keeps crashing blender before it opens. any sugestions?
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