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  1. Thanks Peewee I was afraid that the scripts were getting corrupted in someway. What bothers me , besides working with scripts is why. I have new and old items that this is occuring with and the items are of high quality workmanship. So I wonder what I could be doing wrong to cause these scripts to fail. Granted SL demons could be blamed but I'm beginning to feel its not going to fix itself. When I can I will open and read the errors and hope I can make some sense of it.
  2. Lately when I rez or touch an object I see a little yellow scripts "pop up" on the item.  Its becoming more frequent and some items fail to function properly.  Since its random I cant isolate a single Item that might be at fault.  All of the items are owned by me and have been "tested" on my land.  I am using Phoenix and its not been a problem until lately. No information I can find about scripts addresses this problem. Thanks, DanDa
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