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  1. This is exactly what I needed -- it turns out that the system still has me owning land in Ondori; the 512 land that was granted via Premium membership. I assumed that'd be removed when I downgraded, but apparently it has not. Now. How do I get rid of -it-? *chuckle* The land is 'owned' by governor linden.
  2. It IS on the mainland - Dore. I don't really -want- to buy it, but i need it off of my account. I downgraded to the free, and am still being charged for holding 512 of land. I appreciate the help, guys. Keep it coming !
  3. I am wearing the tag, yes. I don't know if i could have sold it while the land donation was in place - i went basic last month and can no longer set an allotment to the group to check. I am the owner of the group, and should have permissions to act?
  4. The 'sell land' button isn't there. It isn't that i cannot select myself, it is that it is unsellable - stating that it is owned by the group.
  5. I've found and followed the steps on reclaiming group land, but the about land tab still says that the land is group owned and I cannot set it for sale to myself. What am i missing? Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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