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  1. Okay! Gotcha! Thanks, Maestro! I wasn't sure where to contact with such things as this. But I gotcha loud and clear Have a happy day!
  2. I think something broke, Maestro. Everything was fine on Mandolin until the rolls. Now when I log in, my inventory was stuck at 191. Then I did the old trick of searching for "abc" and now it is at 1235 and multiple relogs and same thing. Cached cleared etc.. Avatar is grey no name on my head and other regions around Mandolin show as online (the neighboring ones) but walking the whole border, they are not there. Network issue maybe? Inventory is "Searching..." Update: I logged into Misso and inventory finally loaded. Relogged and seems fine at this time. (inv still loading) Update #2 You might want to check Mandolin region, it appeasrs to be an issue with that region. Update #3 Logging into Mandolin, I get several server attemps to 3 attemps and then it logs me in. Flying around Mandolin, can enter other regions that are -not- visable and re-entry Mandolin. Try to teleport away, and get logged out.
  3. OMG! SO many errors.. on this page.. I can't even edit my post... Anyways.. There is ONE (1) SNowy palm tree on that page that I got, guess that counts huh?
  4. @ Delby Linden The Winterfest category on the Second Life Marketplace Humm.. that tiny URL just took me to a bunch of normal garbage not related to anything "snowy" or "seasonal" Might want to check that, also I got an java error at the bottom of this page.
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