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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At 262172.0, 242963.0, 22.8 in Snack Sandbox 4 located at sim2928.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC Snack ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dun know if im to put it here or not but i notice profiles & groups that arent preloaded before entry will not load for me in this sim, and same for the other 3 sims boarderding it. Also if you log out and log back in while in that sim Linden Balance displays "L$??" Till you relog in another sim or have someone pay like at lest L$1 to force it to refresh. Other people I know have seen this as well. if
  2. Yesterday after a nasty crash in a sim that was acting up. i logged back in to see parts missing off my avatar. They would still show up in inventory. but would not attach or rez when other things would without lag time. I jumped sim to sim which didn't help, cleared cache, and even reinstalled and tried from another computer with failure. Some of the lost items i was able to replace thanks to kinda vendors. but some like my AO Which i bought all separate i cant. because i cant get the names on it. I also later see that my profile appeared to been purged of all things. no pictures no text a
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